Spiritual Guide and helper – a Friend on the Way – 6 Jan 08


As today was the last day of our meeting in Melle we had a sharing circle in which everybody could express their feelings and thoughts about this weekend and the Yoga Teacher Training. I do not consider myself as a teacher. I see it in this way and this is not only about the Teacher Training but about my personality and everyone who gets in touch with me. I am yogi, not a yoga teacher. I am here to share my feelings and my experience with you and I hope it will help you to develop in your spiritual path. I will be happy if I can contribute to your steps on your path towards your own personal aim. You can call it spiritual guide or spiritual helper or just a friend.

We left Melle by train and had a lot of time in Osnabrück. So we went to have a pizza near the train station and went to play Billiard. Yashendu won every game but Ramona and me had fun, too. Shortly before leaving we had fun buying stuff from an enourmous machine at the train station where you could get water and chewing gum but also things like digital cameras and baby powder. Being fascinated by this machine we nearly missed our train but we could make it in the end!

5 Replies to “Spiritual Guide and helper – a Friend on the Way – 6 Jan 08”

  1. I love that you are so humble about your spiritual guidance. It makes you very approachable to others and down to earth. People don’t feel as intimidated in your presence because you are just open, free, and real! You don’t pretend like you are better than other people… you make others feel loved and special. Great quality to have, Swami Ji!

  2. Being modest makes a person also spiritual, because modesty is going to be very rare in many societies. Maybe that’s the reason why people consider someone as a guru. Because he is everything else, but not what they expected, so all seems to be enchanting, but that’s quite fine 😉