Followers and Fake Gurus: You cannot Stop me! - 22 Apr 11

After writing and posting yesterday’s diary entry about Sathya Sai Baba, I was verbally abused on facebook by someone who is obviously a follower of this fake guru. It was a bit funny as I have talked and written about Sathya Sai Baba before, too, and that person could have known that I am not at all in favour of such fake Gurus. Nevertheless, there were several abusive comments posted on my facebook wall which I had then to remove.

This was not the first time that such an abuse took place. In the past, too, when I was writing about Sathya Sai Baba or Nithyananda, Kripalu, Prakashananda, Kumar Swami, ISKCON, Baba Ramdev and all of those gurus’ lifestyles, people talked bad about me, asked me why I wrote in this way and just openly used insulting words and abuses. That happened on facebook, with comments on this blog, through emails and even by telephone calls.

I am an Indian citizen, India is a democratic country and I have freedom of speech there. I am right now sitting here in Germany, another democratic country with the right for free speech and I can say what I want and what I feel. Followers and fake gurus cannot stop me in this way.

I feel a responsibility for our society and fellow men, to inform others about things that they might not know yet, so that they don’t get cheated. This is what happens, people get cheated! And if there is any chance that I can make them more careful and aware through my words, I will try. Those cheaters show cheap magic tricks, call themselves God and pretend to be able to materialize things as well as cure every disease. This creates a wrong hope in others, they believe that they can really get help and all that happens is that they are disappointed. I want people to take their own responsibility.

I am fully against all these fake gurus and babas that make unrealistic claims and promises. I am additionally against anything and anybody that encourages others to do human worshipping. If you see all those gurus, they have the strong disease of wishing to be worshipped. They and their followers obviously don’t like it if I talk like this and against them.

There are others like me, too, who write against fake gurus and show others why they are fake. They, too, have to face such attacks. I have read about the experiences of the owner of this blog and the person who is running this facebook page and I feel that their difficulties and what they have faced from followers of those gurus is similar to what I experience with my own blog. I appreciate their efforts and the help that they give to others by unearthing the truth.

They have not stopped and neither will I. They have each been writing about one particular person whereas I am writing about the whole system.

I believe that writing in this way will make people happier than blindly following like sheep. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. I guarantee that you will be able to live a more authentic and happy life with more love.

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  1. Taylor and friends

    Swami Ji, you know you have our, your friends’ support! We may not be followers and you may not even know many of us but through internet we got to know your way and we love to follow it. Thank you for your work!

  2. Kiara

    Those followers know exactly which stories are around their gurus, how many people they allegedly cheated and sometimes even killed, how many women they harrassed and even raped and how much money goes into the private pockets of those big guys… They know it so they should better be quiet when you speak the truth!

  3. Swami Balendu

    Dear Kiara,Thank you for writing. It is funny that you write this, one person even wrote to me, that it is not only those gurus about whom there are stories, he could easily create one about me, too, if I would like that.
    Imagine that, he really told me that he would create some kind of story about me.
    The problem is that the followers want to believe in their gurus, no matter what they really are. So you can tell them about cheating, killing, harrassing or raping but they won’t believe a word although somewhere inside they know that it is true.

  4. Swami Balendu

    Thank you Taylor for your words, support and love! It is good to know that one’s work is loved and appreciated by others. Much love!

  5. Socrates

    Whenever something is profoundly wrong, there will be some fanatic people who defend it. They will be shouting, crying and doing whatever they can, not to convince others but to scare them away from criticizing.Whenever something is right, there will be people who say it is right, but they will just present the facts and let every sane person see for themselves. This is the difference

  6. Jordan

    Swami Ji, of course people will oppose you if you write like this about the person who they believe is God. Just by your writing they won’t change their mind. They have heard your arguments already thousands of times from different people and they have always denied every allegation, so why would they change now, in the last minutes of his life?i know you don’t let them discourage you, just keep up your great work!

  7. Steven Vogel

    Swami Ji, Keep up the good work! Only through knowledge will these people see the light and stop believing in these fakes, may they wake up soon!!

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