Looking back on 2014 -July to December – 1 Jan 15

Personal statement

1st January 2015

Good morning on the first day of the year 2015! We had a wonderful transition of the years here in Amritsar and I hope you started well, too. I would like to begin this year with the second half of my review of the past one:


When we came back to Germany from the Canary Islands, we had several more stations on our Germany tour ahead of us. It lead us to our friends Sonja and Peter in Erkelenz, to Michael and Andrea in Lüneburg, to Anja in Chemnitz and several more places. We had wonderful weather and had most fun watching Apra when she enjoyed the cities, the beach, the playgrounds, the animals and meeting old and new friends!

In between we again and again took updates from Purnendu in India who told us how the work at the restaurant was progressing – and we were looking forward to seeing it with our own eyes soon!


After Yashendu’s birthday celebration in Germany, we returned to India. Yashendu did not only bring along his birthday present – an ice-cream machine – but also the woman with whom he had fallen in love: Eva. This addition to our family made many people very happy!

It was great to see the construction in progress and work on quickening it. Soon the complete front of the Ashram was changed and nearly unrecognizable!


The whole month of September was planned out for our Ayurveda training, which the participants enjoyed very much. Ramona, Apra and I escaped for a few days though: we flew to our friend Michael’s birthday party to Germany for just a week! It was wonderful, maybe a bit crazy but absolutely worth it!


In October, we took several trips to Delhi to choose parts of the interior design, furniture, cutlery and more for our restaurant. With all the things going on, I decided to skip having a birthday party – the next celebration was anyway just around the corner: Diwali.

Eva had come for the Indian festival of lights as well and we had some retreat guests. Oh, what a fun it was to decorate the Ashram together with Apra! She was working the whole day – and it was another unforgettable time!

Shortly after, Apra’s German family came to visit and Apra showed them the area and her world!


For a few days of November we had another big group at the Ashram and again made new friends! And while the work at the restaurant was progressing bit by bit, we got into the next details for how we would really like the finished result to look like.

It was a rather quiet end of the month with a few lovely guests and still unusually warm weather for that time of the year!


Finally, in the beginning of the last month of this year, Michael and Andrea came to visit! They only had a few days at the Ashram but it was an intensive and beautiful time!

The rest of this year was fully filled with one small person who is very big in our hearts now: Monika. Her story, her treatment and helping her has been on our minds so much in the last weeks that this was clearly ‘her month’ – and we will spend lots of time with her in future, too!

Of course, as our restaurant has not been finished in this year, we will also spend much time with our big project in the next one.

And then there are already the signs of many more wonderful stories, projects and friendships that will develop in the next year. So we are looking forward to 2015 and I wish you, too, a great start!

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