Feedback for the Diary – Experiences – 20 Jun 08


I am happy when I hear from people who read the diary that it helped them. For many readers it became a habit to read the diary with their morning coffee or tea. The first thing when they turn on the computer. And sometimes someone tells me that my thoughts and experiences could help in some way to make things easier or better. I would like to share a few of these feedbacks with you.

Maybe you remember that woman who came for a healing session because she wanted to quit smoking. I did not hear anything from her anymore and I don’t know if she managed to quit or not but last week a man came for a healing session who had read about this woman, too. He had the same wish: to get away from this addiction of smoking. When he read my words and the tip that I gave he suddenly took a decision: he gave away all his cigarettes and is now determined not to smoke any cigarette in his life anymore. He said it was difficult in the first three days but now he feels good and rarely has the craving for a cigarette.

Only two days ago I wrote about losing weight. Here, too, I gave a tip: to drink lots of water in the morning. And today I received a mail in which a woman told that she had started drinking water in the morning and today she felt energetic and active and she started cleaning the whole apartment including windows, bathroom and kitchen. Maybe it has to be said that I know this woman and she is normally not very enthusiastic about this kind of work. She wrote that the water helps her but that there is one disadvantage: She has to go to toilet so often!

So these are two particular cases in which the diary could help but there are many people who like the daily message that you can get with my diary. Andrea told that the students of her meditation class always read the diary and before she starts the class they discuss about the last days. One of them said to her that on some days it seems like the diary is written personally for her and her situation on that day. It is wonderful to hear this and it makes me happy that I can make others happy with it.

5 Replies to “Feedback for the Diary – Experiences – 20 Jun 08”

  1. Swami Ji,I read your diary most mornings, if the kids aren’t running late for school. They are as essential to my day as my morning coffee! Haha, thanks for all of your help Swami Ji.