Feedback, different Opinions and the Freedom to agree or disagree - 29 Mar 12

I recently received a message by a reader of my diary. He had read many pages of my diary and told me that he liked it very much and shared it with his friends and family whenever he thought it interesting or helpful. There was however one blog entry which he did not agree with, which actually disturbed him and which prompted him to write me a message. It was my blog entry about tattoos.

In that blog entry I explain that there are people who have tattoos done and then regret it after twenty or more years. I tell that there are others who have the name of a partner tattooed on their body and then they divorce or break up. Further I mention ways to have tattoos removed which is also not a very nice procedure. Then I add that tattoos cannot in any way give you energy as people believed in tribes and I end my article describing the ways people go to extremes with their body decoration – with tattoos on eyeballs or body implants, devices under your skin which could give you horns for example.

The first thing that I would like to say is that many people actually liked this diary entry and gave me very good feedback about it. They appreciated me writing my opinion about this topic.

Actually the man who sent me the message agreed in most points, too, but thinks it would turn away others who have tattoos. He believes me to be judgmental about people with tattoos. When rereading my post, I could not really understand why he got this impression. I can assure you I have many friends who do have tattoos and I don’t think less of them because of it. I mentioned in my article that I don’t understand this fashion, that I think many people ruin their body with piercings and tattoos and, this was an important point for me, that a tattoo does not give you energy and cannot heal you. It may remind people of something good or positive and may be helpful for some but I believe you should be able to be positive and strong without writing a reminder under your skin. I don’t think tattoos are evil, I just believe that they are not necessary and that they don’t make your body more beautiful in any way.

Whatever your opinion about tattoos is though, it is fully fine if you disagree with me. The person who wrote to me is a tattoo artist himself. It is usual, when I write about vegetarianism that meat-eaters don’t like my post. Whenever I write about a certain guru, there is a disciple of that guru who gets in touch with me, objecting my view. Whenever I write about fake gurus and practices or people who believe in magic, there is someone who opposes what I am writing. Obviously smokers won’t be too happy about posts in which I tell them to quit. I am not a religious person and so religious people sometimes feel offended reading my posts against religious drama. My western readers sometimes get upset when I criticize western culture just as Indians are usually not too enthusiastic about diary entries where I point out the negative aspects of Indian culture.

We all are different and we cannot all have the same opinion for every topic. It is very normal, even in a family people like different things. Some like potatoes, some like tomatoes. If you don’t like something, just don’t eat it. I don’t mind you thinking differently. If you don’t like that particular post, just don’t share it with others, don’t read about that topic on my blog or, if you get very upset about it, don’t read my blog anymore at all. It is fully fine. I am of course always happy to hear feedback about what I write and I just want to say that it is normal that there are topics on which we disagree. I write down my opinion and if you want to tell me yours, either post a comment or send me a mail. I will be happy to talk about it.

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  1. Ginevra Dell'orso

    every word you wrote, is perfect!

  2. Rebekah

    Well done on giving such a balanced and clear response to this criticism. I think it is wonderful that you write so honestly in your blog and it is always interesting to hear your opinion on a matter. I have 4 piercings and am considering getting a tattoo and I didn’t find your blog offensive or discriminatory at all. In fact, I agreed with almost everything you said!

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