Looking back on 2011 – A happy Year – 30 Dec 11

Tomorrow is Saturday, the last day of the year. As Saturday is our recipe day, we decided to have a review of the past year on the 30th December, today, instead of the 31st as we usually do.

With the beginning of the year, we started a new habit: every Saturday we post a recipe that you can try cooking yourself at home. Every Sunday we write a part of my biography, starting after my time in the cave.


We started the year with a big celebration with friends in Vrindavan. It was, as usual, the coldest time of the year but with a fire, friends and the love that we share, it was a warm and wonderful time. Later in January, Ramona and I set off for our holiday in Kerala. We had a beautiful time down there in South India and came back to the Ashram with a lot of impressions.


In February it was time for our Ayurveda Yoga Holiday. We had some lovely people at the Ashram and some nice friendships were formed. You always learn and especially with several different people from different countries together at one spot, you can make funny and interesting experiences. If I look back on what I was writing in this diary in February, I can see that the topic of religions and sects was important in February.


In March I wrote a lot about our concept of charity and how others see it. In that month we also had the Ashram full of visitors when a group from Taiwan came by to have daily lectures and yoga sessions. They did not only come to learn here, though, they also celebrated the most colourful festival of the year with us. Holi was a big celebration this year, especially because Ramona’s birthday fell onto one of the celebration days. India kept on celebrating after Holi, too – the Cricket World Cup took place in India this year and we were watching the matches, first on TV, and then also live in the stadium in Delhi!


We did not give up following the cricket scores even though we arrived in Germany. We witnessed the great victory of the Indian cricket team in the finals of the world cup in Frankfurt. We started our travels in Germany with wonderful spring weather. We went north in Germany, visiting our friends in Tornesch and spending a wonderful day at the Baltic Sea. In April I also experienced myself how it is to be personally attacked for having an opinion and voicing it.


May was a busy month with Yashendu, Ramona and I travelling and touring in Germany, giving programs, single sessions, workshops and lectures in Luneburg, Erkelenz, Wuppertal, Essen and Weeze. As usual when travelling, there were some surprises and changes of plan but if you have friends and lovely people around you, you will always manage well. Working and living closely together with different people is always an adventure.


In beginning of June we were sure and confirmed about a fact that made us all very happy: Ramona was pregnant. Obviously this discovery brought a lot of feelings and ideas along and we started making our plans for the end of the year, too. We obviously did not mention this in the diary yet. In that time we filled the pages with descriptions of different types of followers.


We assumed we would pass summer in Germany but judging from the weather it rather seemed to be autumn. Nevertheless we enjoyed the time, living with friends, working on the website and travelling in Germany. My friends had asked me to write a bit about parenting and dealing with teenagers. It was in July that I happily agreed to note down my thoughts.


With many changes of plans, there was some paperwork to do, too, and we were busy with official things and arranging for the future. This all we did while travelling and at the side we also informed all our friends about our pregnancy. In India in the meantime, Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption was at its peak and I supported it with my posts.


Time passed very quickly and we reached the Ashram again in the beginning of September. Arriving back home we got to see all the changes at the Ashram, including the roof of the second floor that Purnendu had built while we were travelling. It was amazing to come home to a fully different place and still work was going on.


This was the month for visits of friends at the Ashram. We celebrated my 40th birthday together with a big party with the children – one day late because of some health problems. We did however announce our happy news on the 14th October. Soon after it was already Diwali and with the weather getting cooler and more pleasant in India, the season for visitors at the Ashram started.


With visitors coming to the Ashram we got once more aware of the different expectations your guests can have – such as finding a beach and an ocean in Vrindavan! These experiences obviously reflected in my diary, too. Soon after however, with other people arriving at the Ashram and the start of the Ayurveda Yoga Holiday, a relaxed and happy atmosphere entered the Ashram again. People enjoyed their massages, yoga classes and Ayurvedic food and they shared their experiences on our website after they had gone back home.


And here we are, the month of December is nearly over already, the cold has increased again and it is winter in India. We had a beautiful Christmas celebration and spent the month with many preparations for the new member of our family. Many decisions have to be made, equipment has to be bought, we read some things, talk with friends about their experiences and of course enjoy a very happy time with our family.

Overall, we had a very happy year 2011. Tomorrow, with another delicious recipe, we will complete the fourth year of my diary. On Sunday we will enter the fifth year of writing down my thoughts. This, too, has been a journey and I am happy that you all participate in it.

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  1. I feel there is much to write about because I am full of positive energy after 3 days at the Ashram. I can’t think of a better place to be to ponder over the last 12 months. For me personally it has been a year of change – settling into a new house, training as a teacher, watching my children grow, learning many things about myself and my relationships with others. In December my grandfather died, the last of my grandparents, which was very sad but he had a long and mainly happy life. Today we have been talking about about new life and the imminent arrival of Ramona and Swami Ji’s baby girl. Amma Ji has knitted some beautiful baby clothes and I wish I could stay longer to meet this baby who is being born into such a wonderful and loving family.

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