Happy Birthday Ramona! I couldn’t imagine Life without you! – 19 Mar 14

Personal statement

Today, on 19th March, is Ramona’s birthday. Every year I write my diary also on this day and every year we think about what we should write. Today I decided that I just want to write a little note of love to my wife with some memories of our time together until this day:

“I remember how I heard the first time from you in March 2007, seven years ago. On 19th March I wished you a Happy Birthday for the very first time without having met you and without knowing that I would celebrate all the coming birthdays together with you!

When we finally met in person, on 2nd April 2007, I told you that I always enjoy silence. That I talk less. And then I talked and talked and waited for you to talk as well.

How we walked by the Rhine. How we went to this beautiful garden to take pictures. Our first pictures together. Ice-cream by the bank of the river.

How difficult it was to say goodbye already at the first time. I had tears in my eyes.

We met three more times in April, May and June before we finally came together in July. I am proud about the fact that from that day on we were never again separated for even one day.

I remember how happy I was when I told my parents on phone about you. When I told them that you are my love and that I will bring you to India with me.

Do you remember Spain, the flat where it was just you and me, in wonderful summer days, cooking and eating? Do you remember talking about how we both love good food? It is still fresh in my mind how we were sitting on our bed in Latvia, talking about men and women, about relationships and cultural differences. And, yes, how we both said, while walking in Cologne again, that we don’t want to have a baby?

How we landed in that hot and humid September in Delhi, your first time in India. How my family welcomed you at the Ashram, in their hearts and our home.

All those changes we have gone through together. So much we have seen and experienced. The many times we cried, the many more times we laughed.

I thought about writing that you are getting more and more beautiful with every year. While it is the complete truth, I think it is not really important in the end. Important is how our love got deeper with every moment we passed with each other.

Looking back, I don’t even want to think about where I would be in my life now, if you were not with me. I was always happy, successful and satisfied with life but never like I am now. It is another dimension of happiness and it has come to my life through you.

I couldn’t imagine life without you.

I love you.”

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