A few Things about me – 21 Oct 14


A few notes on myself:

I love cooking but not for myself, for others.

I don’t care what I am wearing but I do care about what I am eating. That’s how I don’t like to spend money on clothes but don’t mind spending money on good food.

I love comfort and enjoy comfort that is buyable with money.

I love money, too.

I have always succeeded with my work and enjoyed earning and spending money.

My family and I have done charity always, for as long as I can remember, spending more of our earned money for poor people than for ourselves.

I like luxury and enjoy a holiday in a 5-star hotel but when I see a poor person, I have the strong wish to take this person along with me – and have fed poor people in five-star restaurants due to this wish.

I don’t like to follow rules others have made but I like living in discipline.

I like work and don’t want to be without but on holidays, I don’t want to work at all.

I think big but I make small targets.

I love sitting next to my wife, working, talking about business and customers, making plans for our charity but when we enter our bedroom, we don’t talk about work or money.

I never lie for my advantage but I don’t mind to stay quiet if I see someone else can get a benefit from it – even though that happens rarely.

I like honesty.

I feel and believe I was always honest but I feel like I got more and more honest when I left religion.

When I see a young man or woman, not anymore child but not really adult, doing hard labour work, I have the urge to do something for him or her. I want to change such people’s lives but I often feel I have very limited resources and am unable to do how much I would like to.

When I see violence, it turns my stomach. I cannot understand how someone can enjoy giving another person pain.

I like to give respect and get respect but I don’t like to say to anybody or hear from anybody ‘Sir’. Whether it is said for age or knowledge, it feels unequal to me. I know nobody did effort to reach a higher age and I believe we all can have knowledge in different fields!

I am an emotional person.

I love laughing and have the habit of smiling.

I get attached to people.

I am a family person and like having people around.

I don’t believe that cheating ‘happens’ when you are in love. I believe no excuse justifies the pain caused.

I believe in love.

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