Irregularity in my Blog – Change is the Reason! – 22 May 16


You may have noticed that I have lately not been sticking to my usual rhythm of posting a child’s home video on Fridays, a recipe on Saturdays and a post about my life on Sundays. In between, I have even skipped some blog entries or they came late, so that you couldn’t read a new one every day. Obviously, that is an effect of the recent changes in our life.

With the opening of our restaurant, there have come a lot of new responsibilities for all of us. We are now running two businesses which support our charity – which of course needs our attention as well.

That’s how my daily involvement in social media has reduced drastically but I try to keep you updated here on my blog about all the things that are happening and which are going on in our minds and lives.

I am sure there will again be times when I will write more but for now, my blog entries may become a bit less regular. I do enjoy your feedback however and will also reply to any questions at any time! And of course the best way to be in touch is to come here and see for yourself – I would love to show you all the change that is happening here!

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