Starting a new year with a personal online diary – 1 Jan 08


A new year started. It started well on the driveway in Schwabmuenchen with fireworks, a fire to warm you, some Champagne without alcohol and some very dear friends.
Anyway I did not stay up all night so after waking up in morning I could enjoy the 1st January also in daylight, talking with Thomas and Iris, having fun.
It will be another great year. And I am happy to start it full of love and trust.

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5 Replies to “Starting a new year with a personal online diary – 1 Jan 08”

  1. Swami Ji, I have followed your journal for several months now. This posting reminds me of how glad I am that this was started! I look forward to reading more.

  2. I don’t normally begin new things for new years, because I’m scared I wont stick to them if I only do it because a certain date is coming around. but this year… I think I’ll shave my head and move to Israel. It is exciting to start new things.