Hello and welcome – even if I don’t remember you! – 1 Sep 16


Now, after five months of running our restaurant Ammaji’s, we have a certain routine, things are usually going very smoothly in our daily work and we are so happy that more and more people say that Ammaji’s has become their favourite place to eat. There is just one problem: I don’t remember everyone!

I definitely have quite a good memory of faces and normally remember a person’s background, where we met and some details, even if the name is not always one of these details. Now however, I meet all of these people and meet all of them here, in our restaurant!

There are several regular guests with whom I have interacted, who have told me their story or where they live and I do remember them. The instances multiply however when I see a guests, I know I have seen them and I greet them – but I do not know their names anymore!

Oh well, dear guests, I guess we will just have to say hello and you may have to tell me once more where you are from. One thing you can be sure about however: we love welcoming you here, serving you the best of our food and have a chat with you, too!

See you soon again – and for all my readers who have not been here yet from all around the world: you should come once, I will definitely remember you!

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