Life brings Contradictions and my Blog is a Reflection – 6 Aug 12


If you have been reading my blog since the very beginning, the year 2008, you have witnessed a lot of changes over the past four and a half years. You can see that not only the way of writing and the length of entries have changed. The topics have increased and changed and so have my attitude and my thoughts about topics I am writing about. For me this is just obvious – life is always a process of change.

Ramona and I have lately been talking about all these changes and realized that someone reading one of my posts of the year 2008 could get a fully different idea of me. He may think I believe in things that I don’t actually believe in.

I have once written about reincarnation for example and I wrote that I believed in reincarnation but that my previous or next lives were simply not important to me. I wanted to give the message that you should live in presence instead of trying to find something in your past lives. I still believe that you should live in presence – but now I think the idea of reincarnation, of past and future lives, is only superstition. I have even written exactly that in a diary post not too many months ago!

In my early blog entries you will find me reporting of pooja ceremonies that we did in different places. We did those rituals then and maybe someday you read in the same blog, just some years later, that people are too credulous, that it is unnecessary and doesn’t bring anything to keep such traditions.

People who read such diary entries one after the other may think that this is a contradiction in what I write but I don’t feel like this. Look at the dates! I cannot think now what I was thinking when I wrote my diary entries four years ago. Life is a process and always changing and I just want to be honest and say what I think. I cannot tell you what I will be thinking five years from now! I am open to accept the change and have always welcomed what happened in my life.

I am not only talking about religion or my belief here! Very personal things have changed, too! There was a time when I did not want to ever have a wife – now I am happy married! For some time, my wife and I had no wish for a child at all – now we have our wonderful daughter and the best time of our lives!

I am very happy about all the changes that take place, smaller ones in daily life and bigger ones that take some time. I don’t need to take care of not writing any contradictory statements here because my website and my blog only mirror my life and the process of change that it is.

After all, I don’t give you a big philosophy or a principle like a guru. I don’t tell you what you should believe or that you should follow me. I am just a normal person like you and everyone else whose thinking is influenced by his surrounding and the events happening around him.

This is how my thinking about any topic can change and I will write it down here. You are welcome to be a part of this process. Read this blog as a piece of writing that documents the process of change in my life.

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