Spirituality is not a Hobby – It is Life! – 12 Jun 08


When we were out for shopping today, Andrea met a woman whom she knew. They started talking and Andrea asked: “How are you?” The woman answered: “I am fine but I really do not have much time for spirituality at the moment. I do some Yoga, though.”

Andrea translated the conversation for me later. I know many people here feel that spirituality is a kind of a hobby like playing the piano. Sometimes you have time for it and then you enjoy playing but if you are busy you just don’t find time for it. However spirituality doesn’t cost time. It should be natural. Why do you think you are only spiritual if you practice at least one hour of meditation per day and lots of Yoga exercises? You can be spiritual in eating, cooking and sleeping, too.

For me it is not possible to say ’This week I had 20 hours of spirituality.’ It needs to be integrated into the life. A mother who is playing with kids can be very spiritual, a manager who is busy the whole day can be very spiritual. Take it into the life, let it become a natural part of your life and there will not be any misunderstanding or confusion because this happens when we don’t think of spirituality as a separate ‘event’ that we can do once or twice a week like Yoga exercises. If you integrate it, it will be in your everyday’s life no matter what you do.

9 Replies to “Spirituality is not a Hobby – It is Life! – 12 Jun 08”

  1. When you say you do not have time for spirituality what are you really saying? Are you saying that your mind is very busy and is not clear? Are you saying that your body and mind must be less occupied in order for you to achieve peace? This is an illusion. The dimension of consciousness that the word “spirituality” is pointing to is the awareness behind the busy mind. When you are washing the dishes, when you are commuting to the office, when you are working, take a conscious breath. Notice the aliveness in your hands and feet. This will not slow you down, it will make you more productive. Seeing what needs to be done will become clearer. You will become more creative.

  2. Thanks Swami Ji! Anything you do can be a spiritual practice. The opposite is also true. Even if you are reciting prayers, doing yoga, etc. you may not be doing them mindfully.

  3. People do the same thing with religion, they are only occasionally religious. I would think it would be harder to do this with spirituality since it seems like such a self journey, but then again, everything gets perverted and marketed quickly. Many probably do it because it is popular in their social circles.

  4. I’m not sure, I think believing in spirituality makes people better so I like to surround myself with spiritual people but I can’t help but feel that it is all essentially a mind game.

  5. Kind of harsh words Natacha. Tell me, would there be a difference whether it was a mind game or not, if the effects so clearly influence people’s lives for the better?

  6. This woman seems very foolish. How can you even look at any part of spirituality and not be aware that it is a way of life. it is not magic coming in little spells here and there.

  7. I can see both sides of the situation here. I agree that spirituality is something to be integrated into every aspect of life because it is life! But I also understand that it takes a certain amount of awareness, knowledge, and practice to be able to integrate spirituality at all times. Plus, it is wonderful and beneficial to take time out of your every day schedule for silence, a moment with God, prayer, meditation, or however you feel connected to your spiritual practice.

  8. Of course there are many spiritual practices that can’t be done in a minute. That’s life, it is going up and down and the only thing we need to do, is to adapt. To adapt means to have you spirituality in your heart, so that it doesn’t matter if ou have timer for your practices or not, you still can feel good.