Nothing Personal about You in my Diary – 3 Jul 08


My online diary describes, as it is written in the introduction on the main page, situations from my daily life. This includes my feelings and thoughts and also those of the people around me. You can read about very common problems and will get to know what I think about those situations and what is my advice for example for people who come to healing sessions.

Several people told me already that they can often find their own problems or situations described. I am happy about this because it is the purpose of this diary. But please do not take it personal. It can happen that you have the impression that I am referring directly to you however everyone can be in one of the common situations and I am not talking about anyone in particular. We are all human and live on this world and thus many of us face the same problems.

Being a healer I am committed not to disclose people’s private life and their problems. I know my responsibility. Sometimes I may tell a person’s problem to share my opinion about it in my diary but I never disclose anyone’s identity. People share very private things with me which is normal because they want to be healed. You can feel free and secure to tell me these problems or situations as I do not share anything which is indicating you personally.

In the diary I talk about common problems for example of the society which can be interesting for everyone. It is good if my diary shows you the mirror of your life and helps you to deal with these problems.

Today was the last day of healing sessions here in Austria. Andrea came from Germany to pick us up so we will drive back tomorrow evening. Today we enjoyed the evening together with Reinfried. Tomorrow we will enjoy the beautiful nature around here and spend the day outside.

3 Replies to “Nothing Personal about You in my Diary – 3 Jul 08”

  1. Swami Ji,I am so grateful for the healing sessions I have had with you and for the opportunity to get to know you better through your diary and also, to learn more about myself and continue the healing process. You have my utmost confidence. I think that everyone who knows you would feel the same.

  2. I suppose people might take things personally because they are, indeed, personal subjects! But it’s important to be able to look at ourselves and at our egos. Don’t be afraid to admit that you make mistakes and you’d like to improve things about yourself. And it’s true that even if you feel like the diary is about you… there are lots of other people in the world like you in that way!