Love is my Religion and Tradition – 19 Jan 08


After my healings in Mindelheim, when we were driving back to Schwabmünchen, Yashendu and I were asking Ramona a little bit about Christian beliefs. When she started explaining some things about the Old Testament and the changes in the New Testament I realized again that there are similarities in each and every religion. And I am happy to be able to say that this is no longer my way. I am not following any religion or tradition. There might be some people who are upset or even angry about that but I only want to go the path of love. For me love is God and God is love. As the Prem-Mantra says: Love is the biggest religion.

7 Replies to “Love is my Religion and Tradition – 19 Jan 08”

  1. I think that every religion has something in common because so many are based around figures that truly knew “god” or consciousness. Many can sense that there is something to the words of these people but most people misinterpret these people’s intentions terribly. They are misrepresented in text and misrepresented in interpretation of text, a lot of the time.

  2. This is my philosophy as well! The famous reggae artist Ziggy Marley has a song, “Love is my religion.” It’s a lovely tune and a wonderful message. :)I have learned to respect and honor all religions equally… yet I see where they are limited in the expansion of human potential. I see the spiritual truths that underlie and unite all religions, and I see that LOVE is the most important commonality among all walks of life.

  3. You can be a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew and have your own rules and principles. But there is something that can be found at the heart of all religions. It is a message of love, which is able to break down barriers and brings the peace, which frees the world. The advantage of love is that it does never have to be translated, no matter where you are, it has an universal validity.

  4. This is of course what Christianity is all about, but how can you say god is love when you aren’t in a relationship with him, and so aren’t receiving his love? My relationship with god, and so my relationship with love, is what makes Christianity so great for me.