Growing Children Need Balanced Atmosphere – 3 Feb 10


When we have a look at the children of our school we realize how many different children there are. Of many of these children we know the background, we know some of the families and how these children are growing up and how the mentality and atmosphere is at their home.

Today I realized again how much difference it makes on the behavior of the child how they grow up. Do the parents use to fight and shout around at home? Do the parents hit the children? Do the children sit in front of TV most of the day because it is the best babysitter for the parents? Or is the atmosphere full of love, are the parents looking for teaching the child for his own benefit and happiness? How many children are at home, do they have space and the freedom to run, jump and play? Or do the children have too many restrictions on space and on what they are allowed to do? Are parents overprotective?

You can feel the difference already in small children, not only in teenagers. Even children at the age of three show signs of how they are growing up. On one hand there are children who are crying and whining all the time when they have nothing else to do. On the other hand there are children who are happy to play with themselves or just to sit and watch when there is nothing else to catch their attention.

And this is not the child, it is the atmosphere. It cannot be the fault of a three-year-old. Parents have to be aware of it that their own behavior has a big influence on the behavior of their children. Your child needs your attention and love and it also needs freedom to explore the world. Let your child develop, explore and grow with love.

2 Replies to “Growing Children Need Balanced Atmosphere – 3 Feb 10”

  1. It is amazing how quickly children absorb their surroundings and easily affected they. Sometimes it’s almost as though they are born already knowing what kind of a world they’ve come in to. Very important to foster love in the life of a child, and be understanding with them so that they will learn how to understand as well.

  2. One thing I have noticed that I really admire in India is that adults allow children to play physically. They let them be loud and run around, to expend their energy and be free. Many parents in the U.S. yell at their children for being loud and rambunctious in front of others. But the children don’t understand this and it suppresses their need to be free. They don’t want to get yelled at, but they need to play! I like the Indian way a lot better… children should be free to play! And so should adults!! 🙂