Violent Video-Games and Overweight Children – 9 Jul 08


Yesterday I wrote about problems that children have nowadays among others because of video games and too much time in front of TV. This lifestyle of sitting in front of a screen for many hours each day, not moving much and even eating while watching TV is also responsible for the high amount of obese children. They do not move much but sit there and if there is anything around like chips and other snacks, it is easy to just take a handful and put it in the mouth. It is easy to eat in this way without even realizing that you eat. The mind is busy and somehow the body wants to have some action, too. So what can you do at the same time? Right, you can eat. Of course, advertisement of food increases appetite and makes you feel like eating what you see.

In Munich a girl was there for a healing session and her parents asked me what to do about her overweight. I told them that Yashendu will do a kind of a workshop or a course for overweight children together with our friend Sonja Kling from Erkelenz. In August they will spend one week together in a group and show the children what they can do during the day, what a good rhythm of eating is, which food is healthy and how they can lose weight. This will help a lot of children to find a healthy way of spending the day.

Movies and TV shows also influence your mind, just be aware of that. And again I want to ask the parents one thing: please take care what your children are watching and what kind of video game they are playing. I feel there is a lot of violence in movies and very much violence in video games. Many of these games even have the goal to fight, to be aggressive and even to kill.

What do you think that a child, whose mind is not fully developed yet, will think of this world? Children learn so much from how the people around behave. Children are watching the world and they are learning, they see what others do and they imitate it because they think, this is what they have to do. So please do not let them play violent games or let them watch this kind of movies. This energy is horrible and you let it come into your living room and into your life in this way. Many people think “it is just a game, it is not reality, he knows that” but I am sure that for a child and for a child’s mind it is not that easy to make a difference between the real life and the life which they see in TV and which looks very real.

Today we took our flight to Lithuania and were picked up by Oksana and Greg. They showed us around the city and I really like it. I also like Greg, he is a very nice man and has a great sense of humour. We had dinner in an Indian restaurant which was really great. Now after travelling we are all tired and I think I will also go to bed soon

4 Replies to “Violent Video-Games and Overweight Children – 9 Jul 08”

  1. This is a really big problem in a lot of western culture, we lack substance so we eat and we numb our minds with tv and games. When life is painful there is always something you can put in your mouth, whether its pills or food. The numbness i think is what is thrived on.

  2. Violent video games are so horrible. As a child I was not allowed to watch violence on tv and didn’t even own any video games. I remember playing one at my friends house once and being horrified. If you get used to something it starts to seem okay.