You are currently viewing Illusions of a Glittery TV Star World – 11 Sep 09

Illusions of a Glittery TV Star World – 11 Sep 09

Today Ramona showed me a young actor in a magazine who had gotten really popular last year by playing one of the main roles in a movie. She told me ‘He is as old as I am and see how successful he is already!’ Then we talked about this fame and popularity a little bit.

Of course, we all know that this life of popularity, of being a ‘star’ might not be as glamorous as we see it on the media. They are not all the time fully styled, they don’t wear make-up all the time and they don’t all the time wear the clothes they wear in movies or on the red carpet and on stage at celebrations. It is another illusion made by TV and the media in general.

Yes, we know that it is an illusion but what about our children? What about those who grow up with these examples? Our children and teenagers see and learn, that these people are successful. They grow up seeing this illusion and believe it is reality. They believe that when they grow up and finally get out of the village that they were born in, they will also have this life. It is just natural, they admire their idols and want to be just like them. But often this illusion directs them in the wrong way. They believe their stars have lots of money and they are always at parties and celebrations, they are always among other famous people and have fun on stage or while making a movie.

Children of that age might not always see that it takes hard work for these popular people, too. They have the illusion that it will happen to them, just like that. And this is how many of them, when they grow older, go for fame, for easy money and for popularity. Let your children know that TV and media creates an illusion. That all actors and stars have lots of work, too. That it might not be the only way for them to be happy. Give your child a chance to be happy without glamour and popularity. Because it might be more important to them at some point to find the one they love instead of finding those who look up at

Today's food for the children was sponsored by Mrinalini Balaram. Click here to see pictures of their lunch.

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  1. Beresford Payne

    Thank you dear Swami Balendu.

  2. Leela Sparkle

    Thank you for these words. my mission is just that. much love~X

  3. Colleen Bennett Ferrero

    Children are our future … thanks for saying so, Swami Ji

  4. Gloria Deppen

    That was and always has been my mission………

  5. Frida

    People think stars are like gods, that they aren’t real, don’t have pain, don’t search for joy. Being a star sounds lonely to me.

  6. Greg

    Well, it’s just nto marketable to have someone look like real life.

  7. Emily

    Kids get enthralled with the glamour they see on TV… and you can’t expect movies and TV to show people who aren’t beautiful and successful.. But that’s why it’s important to expose children to the real world and not just TV-land. Some TV and movies are okay, but kids need to learn what nature and real people are like!

  8. Polly

    It is simply important for parents to explain these situations to their children. Don’t just let them see the movies, let them see the documentaries. Talk to them about hard work and about how these people are real people not another species.

  9. Mirela

    I think stars have also a very stressfull life. The’re running from one appointment to the next and they can’t spend their time with their family. And just imagine, that you can’t go anywhere without being asked for autographs or being photographed. You don’t have any private life, everyone knows every single step of you.

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