The Privilege of Childhood – Freedom, Living in Presence and no Responsibilities – 2 Jul 12


Last week I mentioned that you should not give your small children a strict time plan as you have but rather let them be natural and learn from the lightheartedness that unfortunately mostly only children have. Maybe old people who started leaving all their responsibilities behind after a fulfilled life can also be like this but you will find only few adults who feel as free and happy like children. The childhood is a very special time and you should let your child enjoy it properly. We often look at our little Apra and are reminded by her that this is really a time of life which never comes back, which is special and amazing.

It is for example the only time in life in which you are fully free of any disturbing thoughts. Why? Because children live fully and completely in the presence. Children don’t think of the past or the future because they don’t have any recognition of time. They don’t have the memory to remember that yesterday was maybe a bad day – which could spoil an adult’s mood immediately. They don’t have any experiences yet which could make them afraid or worried of the future. This is why they are just in the here and now, experiencing each moment.

This is also why they don’t have to spend time on planning. They do whatever comes in their minds in that very moment. They explore the world without any prejudice, without any plan, without any expectations. If something happens that makes them cry, they forget about it the next minute when you make effort to make them laugh again.

A baby also has a fully different perception of him- or herself. A small girl does not worry about how her clothes look like, how her body looks like, if she is slim enough for society to find her beautiful, if her legs are long enough or if her hair shines or not. A small boy does not think whether he is sporty enough either. Children simply are. They feel fine in their body, they are happy with themselves. They don’t have minority complexes because of their outer appearance!

Well, all the points that I mentioned above may be achieved, for example with meditation, the right lifestyle and close attention to what your mind does. Work on your self-esteem and practice relaxation techniques to manage stress better and you can even reach a childlike state. There is however one more point that is difficult to achieve if you live in the normal society of today: only children can walk around fully naked – and nobody will mind it!

It is just great how much trust children have in their parents and people around them. They don’t have any responsibility. They are fully free of having to care for anything. They don’t need to earn money, they don’t need to organize anything, they don’t even need to take care that they eat! Their mother will call them to have food. Very small children and babies don’t need to wash themselves and don’t even need to hold their body on their own. They let themselves fall and you have to be there to catch them. They fall asleep wherever they are and you can see to it that they reach their beds.

This all is only possible when they are small. So give them time to enjoy their childhood. Don’t hurry their growing-up! Don’t try to make small adults out of them! They are only children once and you want them to remember that time happily, with memories full of love and freedom.

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