Sexual Abuse of Handicapped Girls by Charity Organization – 7 Mar 11


Last week I got to know about horrible news. In Panvel, close to Mumbai there was a charity trust, a NGO, a non-governmental organization, which was running a home for handicapped girls from 12 to 16 years old. Some of them were deaf-mute, could not hear nor talk.

Medical reports proved that 5 of these girls have been sexually abused.

The police arrested 4 people of the organization and are now trying to find out more. What they know for now is that these helpless girls were abused and that the organization even made business by offering them to men. They were renting them out, sending them to people’s homes and picking them up again from there. It is like trading humans.

How horrible this experience must be for these children! They are not able to resist in any way and cannot even explain what they experienced. Several of them however must have been aware of what happened! Locked in their own body they had to endure, unable to do anything against this crime.

What kind of person does this? Who are the sick people who pay for such a crime? And even take pleasure from this most horrible way of raping and abusing children? It is sometimes unimaginable that such people exist in this world!

But still, this is not a singular case! It is only one nursing home that was discovered for their dirty work now but what about the hundreds or thousands of such institutions all over the country and the world which are never inspected? Nobody knows how many such places exist where children are badly abused. In all countries where there is a lot of poverty, you find such homes and orphanages where the conditions are simply horrifying. I know that abuse and violence is very common there although these are the places where there should be love and compassion.

These children, orphans or children who are handicapped – physically or mentally – need our love more than anything else. We need to provide them an atmosphere of love because they may not even understand our words. It is a sad state that this world is in if these children cannot even get the love that they need.

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  1. This is sad…thank you for bringing awareness to this. It is happening all over the world. Just as I was posting an event to raise funds for PAVSA (Program to Aid Victim’s of Sexual Assault)…the next day I read your blog. Peace Peace Peace…

  2. hi swami ji,
    i was listening to some new age music, surfing the net when i came across the
    word ashram, surfed a bit more and came across your blog & your writings, very interesting. sir, i thank u for your good words and positive spirit. too bad though, my first post is to you is when your blog entry is a sad one for the world. just recently, something like that happened in my own country, in a shelter home. yeah, crap man, but when the world is rules by politicians whose god is $$$, and leaders who are more interested in looking after their own interest, and with humans being inherently evil and greedy, what else can we expect? I fear under our current progression, the world would last one or two more generations before there is mass anarchy and society would fall in a wall of fire.
    anyway, good to be here and i love your positive attitude, take care, swami!

  3. so, God loves all his children? i don’t know, maybe when i meet God, i will ask Him because there are things my mortal mind cannot comprehend.

  4. They aren’t people Swami ji they are called pig, evil, devil they cannot be human who would do that. They should be nailed and insulted in front of public and their children.

  5. Swami Balendu, forgive my anger but I was commenting about the (I cannot think of another word)evil that was done to these children who are dependent on those persons who would do this evil to them. WE can only hope their karma catches up to them.
    I am kind of tickled go get a direct response. You made my morning!

  6. Yes it is happening everywhere. We need to make more awareness about this kinds of issue so society can be aware of it and these children can be saved from those Evil.

  7. Thank you dear Yuan for your comment. Its true everywhere this kind of evils are there. But please do not be hopeless. We all need to have positive spirit and bring more awareness.

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