Outsourcing to India – From IT Work to Homework! – 15 Nov 10


You may already have heard that India is a great place for outsourcing. So many businesses do their outsourcing in India and especially for work of the IT sector, India is a very popular country. Maybe you have heard in the last days that the American President Obama is worried about how much actually is done in India. He doesn’t want to outsource in India anymore but rather have work done in the USA. If he heard the most recent news, maybe he has another reason to worry:

American, British and Australian students have found a fast way to do their homework without much effort: they outsource to India! In prices as cheap as $2 per 100 words, they now get their essays, homework and even term papers written and can even specify how quickly they would like to see the results, in 10 hours, 24 hours or up to four days. You can find hundreds of websites online that take educational work and these are professional websites that actually earn their money by this. Some websites work with fixed prices per project and others do contracts for more work and longer time. Australian educational organizations say that the internet is like a big ocean and you cannot control your students that much. They do what they can to avoid cheating but when it goes to this level, it is too difficult to be 100% sure.

It is not only Indian students that have understood the concept of outsourcing though! Many government teachers in India love to outsource their work, too! If you have studied education and have a fixed job with the government, you have the possibility of getting good salary. Some teachers thus decide to give a job to a person with less qualification, someone who may not have studied but is able to teach small classes. The government teacher simply hires such a teacher, lets him or her teach instead and only goes for picking up the paycheck. Half of the salary will go to the teacher who did the work, half of the salary belongs to the teacher whose name is officially registered.

You know that there is a lot of unemployment in India and this definitely does something against it! Now another person has the chance to teach and the real teacher has time to work on his farm and get money in this way, too! So this is good on this side but think about it, what will happen to the children? Did anybody think of them and their education? They need real and good teachers so that they can keep on doing the outsourcing work for students across the world!

News: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/australian-students-outsourcing-homework-to-india-pak/711226/

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  1. what? Those lazy American kids. I teach honors biology in high school here in America. My kids are working class. They would not have the money to outsource their homework. I make them do all their work in class anyway and I make them do A Lot of writing in class. but i suppose some may be doing that. too bad.I would love to have hired a teacher at half my salary for the next two months. I am recovering from serious surgery. I have 60 days paid leave but after that am expected to be up and running teaching over 150 students daily. I wish I could… co-teach. Teachers are underpaid no matter where they are.
    And no one is thinking of the children or why else would i be expected to teach that many – thirty in a classroom. especially American kids who never stop talking and show no respect. ah that’s the way it is.

  2. Pay someone for doing your homework? I should have known this when I was still in school. There are so many subjects you have to learn and never need them in real life! I really like this idea….

  3. Maybe you should read your comment again. First you talk about those ‘lazy american kids’ outsourcing their homework. And in the next part you’re complaining about your work and say you would love to ‘co-teach’.So are you not lazy yourself? Other people would be glad to have a job like yours and get 60 days paid leave!

  4. Is learning not something we enjoy to do? We learn to make our self better. To widen our understanding of our self, the People and Animals around us and the Relationship between us, about Love, the Nature, the Country, the World, the Universe, our Idea of God? We do learn befor we are even born. Learning is never for nothing! You learn and grain Knowledge for your life and the life of your surroundings 26 for the good of all. Is that not why we are here? You want to life happy and do what you like to do, well then you first need to learn and understand what it is that makes you happy…. 🙂 this is very exciting … its life :)))
    To me Learning is a pleasure and it makes no differences what it is …it could be mathematical formula or something about my Mommy’s beloved cat, Dance or what makes my love ones Smile, a language, music, philosophy, Culture, Cooking, Asanas, painting or just simple things how to reach in time at Office … there are so many many things to learn …. :)))

    Love to all 26 and happy learning :)))

  5. How interesting… I hadn’t heard about the teacher situation before. It’s actually kind of brilliant, but poor kids! isn’t there any regulation? I’m kind of surprised that whoever hires these people to teach just… doesn’t notice that someone else is teaching the class.

  6. I still don’t quite understand how (actually WHY) this outsourcing works. Every country says they need more jobs, yet they outsource to other places…and still neither country has enough jobs. And how can an Indian child write an essay in English about a topic from a class they haven’t taken and get a good grade??I just think the education system needs to be looked at… children shouldn’t be assigned “homework” that they hate doing… learning should be an exciting, exploratory, and individual process. I can’t say I have the answer though…

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