See the positive Side – Do not Block yourself with Negativity – 16 Apr 08


The next part of my lecture on Monday was about what we do about all this negative energy that is around us.

I just remember a very spiritual person from India. He lived 700 years ago and his name was Kabir. Maybe you have heard this name already. He said once:

Bura jo dekhan mai chala bura na milaya koy
Jo ghar dekha aapana mujhase bura na koy

I will try to translate it. The main meaning is: Don't see the negativity in anybody else. Don't seek the hole. Do you know that many people are hole-seekers? They always see the negativity everywhere and don't see the positive things. They see what is wrong in this person and in that person. I love Kabir, he is really great. We complain about negativity and many times we want to see it, we look for it. We go somewhere and the first thing what we see is the hole, the bad thing. Why don't we see the qualities, why don't we see the good things? Maybe there is some negativity in every person! But we have to see the good and positive things.

And Kabir says: "I went out of my house and I wanted to see negativity. I was looking: who is negative, who is a bad person? But sorry, I could not find anyone. Not one bad person. But when I looked at myself, I felt I am the most negative person in this world." It is so great! What this great soul is saying: "I wanted to see what is bad here and there but I could not see anything." If we develop this kind of attitude, if we can make our eyes this pure, how can any negativity affect us?

Of course it is difficult to translate it and Kabir has a great style. He was not at all negative but he is saying that he wanted to find negativity and only found it in himself. You can see, if he could not find any negativity anywhere, not in anyone else, how could it affect him? This is his funny way of telling us one thing: We are used to seek for the hole. I want to say please, see the good things, see the nice things. When we try to see bad things, negativity, mistakes, it is our own projection. We are also creating this. Then you will be much more influenced by negativity. You have to look what is nice and how much love is there. I can bet with you, it doesn't matter how bad something is, if you want to see something good you will find it. To see the good things. To see that whatever happens has a good side. Take something good out of it.

I will go on writing about this lecture and this topic in the next days. It is really a nice topic. I gave a partner healing to Ann and Christy today. They enjoyed the soft and relaxing energy and are taking it home to Ireland. Tonight we went to Pavan's small vegetarian restaurant. I told about this nice place called "Zimt and Koriander" when we were here last time. We had again a very nice dinner.


4 Replies to “See the positive Side – Do not Block yourself with Negativity – 16 Apr 08”

  1. I think people underestimate the power they have in their perspective and in their happiness. It is easy not to see that the ways we have been feeling were actually choices all along. So really, there is only one choice to make in life: happiness. This is the choice you should make.

  2. We have something like this is the Christian bible too. Don’t try to take out the plank in another’s eye when you have a log in yours. It means everyone has bad parts, so until the day you are perfect- stop judging.