Do not let your Child play violent Video Games! – 14 Mar 09


Yesterday I talked about ‘sports’ which are very aggressive and with which children get the impression that violence is fun. Wrestling, about which I was talking yesterday, is a whole setup of aggression and especially teenagers watch these programs in TV. Then there are video games which are even more violent. And then you wonder why young people are violent and aggressive? Why do they show this in television? Our youth and our children are watching this and it is supported by government?

I want to ask people to avoid this kind of television program and discourage their children from watching it or playing video games like that. Please do not buy or give it to your children! TV companies and government might not forbid these games and shows because of the money and business they have with it but you can avoid them! Government does not feel responsible for this harm that is caused by these games and the TV series but we are responsible for our children and their actions because we plant the seeds which will grow and result in what they do! We might not be able to change the government and the TV shows but I want to invite all parents not to buy and not to support it! If society doesn’t change in this way, these incidents can happen again and again.

One Reply to “Do not let your Child play violent Video Games! – 14 Mar 09”

  1. It’s amazing what kind of shear violence is allowed in games. In Japan there is a actually a fantasy rape video games. It is unbelievable! I’m not even sure how anyone could want to play that. It is sad how many harmful things we bring in through our front-door… willingly much of the time.