Exercise to get rid of your own Negative Energy – 15 Feb 09


Today was the second day of the seminar ‘The Law of Healing’ which Yashendu, Dr. Michael Kosak and I did. It was a really nice seminar and very interesting. We did many things; we gave lectures and did many exercises with the participants. With these exercises we showed them methods how to get in touch with your own energy, how to feel the power of this energy and how to pass it on to others.

One very interesting and intensive exercise was to access your own negative energy and get rid of it. This exercise is very strong. I said about it that our negativity lives on our back. It is difficult for us to see it and we do not really have access to it. It is hidden but we need to explore it. We can easily see the back of another person. We easily see what others are doing wrong and in which way they are negative. But we have difficulties seeing our own negativity. Even if you do something which you would consider negative when another person does it, you often do not realize it. However you need to get your negativity out. It should not be suppressed.

We talked about energy and this understanding of how energy is flowing was very important for the participants. They all were very happy and wanted to know when we will do the second level. We came home in the late afternoon and tomorrow we will start to Wiesbaden. It will be the last day in Germany and I am looking forward to fly to India on Tuesday.


  1. Reeshi Sin

    When I am feeling it helps me to talk about it and when I think I am not feeling or thinking it helps me to talk about it. Sometimes there are feelings and thoughts passing through me that I do not notice until I talk about them. When it comes to expressing negative emotions (something that can feel taboo in the west) I try to describe the feeling in me accurately. I stick to the facts because the point of expressing negativity is to allow it to arise and pass out of you not to feed it and make it grow stronger. A lot of times in this way I will notice my anger quickly turning to sadness and my sadness quickly turning to a smile. All of that energy I had from feeling angry (for example) is now behind my smile instead of my anger. Or if I cannot smile I release the built up tension in my body by jumping up and down, shaking it out, doing any kind of movement until I feel tired. This is really helpful for me.

  2. Melia

    What a fantastic image… negativity does live on your back! And the more you carry it around, the more weighed down you become. Have you ever seen someone hunched over in depression or sadness? The negative energy on their back has become very heavy. Though we can’t always see it, we can try to get in touch with it and release it. Then we can lift our chests high to the sky in positive energy!

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