Negative Thinking and its Effects – 22 Jan 10


Yesterday I wrote about the wishes that you have in life and that you can realize. And today one friend called me with whom I had already many talks about this topic. Why? Because she tends to see the things in a very negative way. She also knows this and doesn’t mind that I tell it to her again and again, whenever I realize that she falls back into this habit because she knows herself that it is not good for her.

I just give you an example: You have the wish to get promoted in your job and you know, in the end of the year, one of five colleagues will be promoted. So you have 1/5th chance of getting a promotion. People who think in a negative way say ‘I am not going to get it anyway! My colleagues are all better than me, I think I don’t even try.’

I believe this is the wrong attitude. Why not be positive? Why shouldn’t you be the one? Just because of your negativity you refuse to even consider the possibility! You can do your effort, you can learn how to improve. But at the same time I would say not to put all your heart, soul and hope into this, don’t get attached to this wish. Yes, there is all possibility that you can make it and you can make an effort, but in the end it is not up to you.

Keep in mind that the world will not stop turning if it doesn’t work. If you are very unhappy with your situation, there will be a way to improve. And if you actually don’t like the work that you are doing, it most probably won’t get better if you get promoted either. Also in this case, please be positive! Maybe you find another company, another field of work where you are good at and where you can work with more joy and happiness. The world is beautiful and full of possibilities and wonders. Don’t hesitate to experience them, feel them!

Today was our friend Asheem’s birthday and we, the whole Ashram and all children are sending him lots of birthday wishes!
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