Weapons – Permissions, Access and Use – 15 Mar 09


We read that the boy who did the shooting in that school in Germany had the weapon from his father’s legal collection of weapons. And the boy was acquainted with the use of weapons because he accompanied his father to his shooting club and practiced there. So he could only do this because he had access to a weapon and knew how to use it. In Germany it is generally prohibited to have weapons without a special permission but I heard from a friend that it is quite easy to buy a gun in the USA. We should control it more and we need to make sure that weapons don’t get in the wrong hands. Our children should grow up in an environment of love where they do not see any need for aggression, violence or weapons.

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2 Replies to “Weapons – Permissions, Access and Use – 15 Mar 09”

  1. In North Carolina where I’m from, we have Super Walmarts everywhere, and in these stores they have groceries, clothes, a bank, a restaurant, and also a place to buy guns. One stop shopping.

  2. In the U.S., hunting is a popular sport in some areas (as well as shooting ranges), and many people stand firmly for the rights to buy and own guns. Clearly, it would be a more peaceful world without any weapons at all. But they have been created… if banned, they could be re-created. And if there were no weapons, people could still use their own hands for violence… so what can we do??I think we have to look at the root of the problem, rather than the consequences. Why are people hurting each other anyway? Why do people use violence to solve problems?? I don’t think there’s anything we can do to stop the production of weapons.. but we can certainly teach LOVE and wisdom. We can change minds and thinking patterns. We can solve the problem by dissolving it’s roots…