Spreading Negativity – People Telling what they do not Like – 3 Feb 09


I spent some time with a person who constantly kept saying: I don’t like this, I don’t like that and I don’t like that. I always heard that from him and once I asked him: Why is there so much negativity inside you? Please watch yourself and count once how many times you tell in a day to you and others what you don’t like. And then count how often you say what you like.

If you always say what you don’t like, this negative energy is spreading in your mind and in your surroundings. You attract what you have and of course you are spreading this negativity. I really wonder why people want to create this negativity and fears or live in these doubts. Many people live in fear and that is why they create fear for others. What they have is what they are spreading for others, too. They live in fear themselves and create fear for others because they think it has to be like that.

Another type of people creates fear in the mind when they have a personal interest of their business with them. Don’t be negative and don’t spread fear. Maybe you need someone to tell you this once but then please watch yourself that you attract and spread positivity.

Today here was a Darshan. It is a new place for me; I am here for the first time. So all people in the Darshan saw me for the first time. My friend Regina who organizes the program here and invited us told me that for most of them it is the first time to be in a meditation. I then told the people that they should not worry if they are in a meditation for the first time. I said that you do not need any certain technique. They just needed to be honest, natural and themselves. It is the best meditation if you manage to be who you are. The people were very touched and it was a very nice meditation.

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4 Replies to “Spreading Negativity – People Telling what they do not Like – 3 Feb 09”

  1. It is hard to see how your everyday behaviours have such a big affect on your mental space… Even linguistic choices we make can affect how we feel and what others feel around us. Everyone should take a look at themselves and see what kind of a space they create. Especially me!

  2. It is a better business model to create a sense of joy in the workplace. That produces loyalty and a sense of group, with a desire to boost the group by working effectively.

  3. There are always two sides to a coin– what you like and what you don’t like. There could never be a situation in which you like or dislike absolutely everything… there are always both! So which one do you focus on? Choose which one you talk and think about. It’s all in your perspective, and it’s your choice.