Do not Think Negative, even in High Career Positions – 29 Jan 09


A woman came for a healing session and told me “I have so much negativity inside me. I see everything negative and become full of doubts. I often criticize and tell people the dark side. I see all the minus points and mistakes. I do not trust in other people’s ideas and feelings and not even in my own projects. Maybe this kind of calculation is good from the material point of view because I am very careful and extra-conscious before I do something but I often feel that I miss the fun and the lightness of life. I think I miss the joy that could come of something which I did not do because I was careful and negative about it. I realize this myself sometimes and think myself why I do not see the positive side.

My work also mainly consists of finding and correcting other people’s mistakes. I know this saying about the glass which is half full or empty and that my glass is always more empty. My mind knows it but somehow I am also in this system.”

I know that here it is somehow the system in which people are negative. Many people are like supervisors, they need to find the mistake in everything that is going on. They want to reach perfection so they need to find the mistakes. You will see when someone goes higher in the career and gets a higher position in their job, their negativity also increases. Somehow this distrust has become the basic education of the society. I remember a joke which is told in India about politicians and sometimes I find this is part of the education here:

A political leader is standing on the ground and his son was standing beside him on a high wall. He says to his son “Come, jump!” But the boy is afraid of jumping down from that high. The father says again “Oh come on, I am here, just jump down.” And after some back and forth the boy finally says “Okay, I jump.” And in the moment that the boy jumps the father takes a step aside. The boy falls and hurts himself but the father says: “That is the first lesson: never trust anyone, not even your father.”

I told this joke and then said to the woman that the main thing is to rebuild your trust in life, in God, in positivity, in hope and remember, if you are focused on negativity and give energy to that, you will attract negativity. You should be focused on positivity and give energy into that, and then you will definitely attract positive things for your life. I know it is very hard to rebuild this trust especially when you grew up here and the whole surrounding is like this. But there is no other way to achieve positivity and be happy. Otherwise you will always have the tension and stress of these negative thoughts and never can enjoy life. Be positive.

2 Replies to “Do not Think Negative, even in High Career Positions – 29 Jan 09”

  1. Seems like this woman is operating on the basis of fear. She is afraid to trust in the good. She is extra cautious because she doesn’t really believe that she is in God’s hands…that we all are. The opposite of fear is love. And if she embraced pure, Divine Love instead of feeling fear, she could still be in a supervisor position, but it wouldn’t bring about negativity. She would see how improvements can be made creatively, rather than just seeing what is wrong with everything.