How Thinking Can Turn from Positive to Negative – 3 Dec 08


We are talking about negativity and I would like to give one example about how people can spread negative thoughts. It even happened with me, it is my own personal experience. I once was at one place where the organizer of my program was involved in that kind of so-called spiritual work which I do not approve of. It was related to miracles, past lives, channeling and inviting souls and creating confusion in people’s minds by giving predictions.

Interesting was that I was not aware and informed about their work until I arrived there and spent one day. I anyway only stayed for the weekend and during that work many people came to me who were related with the organizer. In this way I got to know also the work of that organizer. I am also sure that the organizer was not aware or well informed about my philosophy, my work and my belief. Maybe they did not know before that I do not believe in any miracles like materializing gold, healing past lives and speaking through a medium. It creates confusion in other people’s minds.

I gave a Darshan there, too, and talked normally about love and prayers as I always do. That is my way of healing. I invited people to be more with both feet on the ground because I felt that this bunch of people was so superficial and flying in the air. All of the people were very grateful to have a Darshan and also a healing session. They felt great and were very thankful about the whole program. After that the organizer and others, too, came to other places several months later to participate in another program and to enjoy the healing energy.

And then, after some time, I got to know from someone that these people suddenly started talking bad about the program and everything that was good before, was seen as bad. And the wonder is that nothing new had happened. I had not been there again and had not heard of them since quite a while. But suddenly I heard this. I am quite sure that they got to know me more and more and the organizer has definitely read this diary. Maybe they read my comments about this kind of work that they are doing. That is how my work there was very good in that time but suddenly got bad. The whole perception has changed after getting to know about my attitude.

When I got to know about this, I said to Ramona that right in the beginning I had said to her that I knew it would happen like this. So when I got the news I was not amazed. I knew it would happen like this. I am not the right person for this kind of people but what I wanted to tell was how people spread negativity. I have had this kind of incident before, that was nothing new but I am like I am and I will not be afraid from this kind of negativity that people spread about me. It is okay. I let them do their work and I stay in my world, the love and peace.
It was snowing today.

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  1. When you feel negative or unhappy you have a lot of noise in your mind. Your emotions are your body’s response to this. If you pay attention to what you are thinking…if you watch this…your feelings will relax and maybe even disappear. You will feel much much better. If there is so much noise in your mind that you cannot seem to observe it, try replacing a negative thought with a positive one and this will allow you more room to watch yourself.

  2. It is amazing what the kind of change in perception described in this entry reveals about the neutrality of circumstance and also how people create much of their own unhappiness.

  3. People like to hate on other people when they are different or their beliefs don’t support the other’s view of reality. But these psudo spiritual people are actually business men, and enjoying your philosophy to them would be bad business. That is why they behave this way.

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