Negativity – Being Hopeless, Suspicious and Critical – 1 Dec 08


This was my first day here in Lüneburg with Michael. Everything is very familiar here as I came here the first time eight years ago and since then I visited often. It is nice to enjoy the friendship and warmness with him and his wife Andrea. I also had some healing sessions with Michael’s patients. What I like very much in Michael’s character is his positive attitude towards life and its possibilities. When we talk about different topics or when I hear him talking with his patients it feels very nice to see his positivity.

I miss this in Germany sometimes. I think in the Western world I see that most of the time people have negative thinking and live in fear with a negative attitude. They seem to be hopeless and always see the dark side of things. Anything that comes is first of all criticized. Most of the time they are suspicious and doubtful and their trust is not enough strong. If you talk with people you will generally find this. Somehow so many of them live in this negative energy. This is also the essence and the work of my healing. It brings people in a more positive energy. I am myself very positive and see the bright side of things. I think when someone is positive and thinks positive he will also attract positive things. He will live more in a positive world. If you give energy to negativity you will attract it.
Yashendu is in the hospital today for an operation at his knee. I did not hear from him until now, but I am sure everything is fine and will be fine. He will call as soon as he will wake up.
I will start cooking now and I am very positive that we will have a nice dinner in the end.

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  1. It is interesting to me that so many people from the “western world” have all their physical needs provided for and yet they are obsessively fearful. I suppose people forget that love is also, in its own way, a physical need.

  2. I’m from the US. Many people I know feel that positivity is false or fake and negativity is more realistic. There is wisdom in noticing that there is something not quiet right when we have lost a loved one, for example, and have a smile on our face even though we feel pain. A lot of negativity is born from the same kind of falseness. The same thing is actually happening in us when we complain or feel perpetually cynical and when we proclaim to ourselves and others that we are happy when their are other emotions passing through us that we don’t notice. If we watch what is happening inside of us we will experience things very differently and often with the kind of positivity that I imagine Swami Ji is referencing.

  3. I believe it’s true that we attract certain energies to us for many reasons. For one, we influence our surroundings with the energy we put out. Two, we draw similar energies to us because they are attracted to the same energy frequency. Three, we mentally seek and notice in our surroundings things that match what we are feeling inside. So this is true on many levels. It’s important to remember to stop thoughts that we don’t want to duplicate! Even if your surroundings seem really negative, you can put out positive vibes and turn things around. Believe in it.

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