Negative Thinking sucks you in – Think Positive – 9 Jun 08


Today the weather was wonderful, sun was shining and it got really warm outside. I had a few healing sessions and one woman came and told me: “I have too many negative thoughts. I always think of diseases and of death in the family and I get so afraid from that. With these thoughts I am just sitting at home then and eat a lot of sweets. I don’t go out much because of this.” When I asked her about her family situation and her job she told me that actually everything is alright, she lives with her parents, has two elder siblings and the whole family is fine and everyone is getting along with each other. She also has a job with which she is happy.

So I said to her that there was no reason why she needed these negative thoughts. Everything is okay. Where are the roots of these thoughts? She also told that she would wish to have a boyfriend and live with him in an own flat some day. These wishes are good and you can give them positive energy. Don’t be afraid of the future. Enjoy the presence. Don’t kill the joy of the presence with worries. You give energy to these negative ideas.

I know a woman who had been afraid of cancer and whenever she had any health problem she said that she might have cancer. And after 20 years of saying that she really got cancer. You create your world. If you think positive you give energy to the good things and they will come into your life. I believe that everything happens when the right moment is there. However it cannot come if you block it with your negative thoughts. So don’t worry now about the future, let it come and enjoy this moment. Whatever will come tomorrow you can live tomorrow.

It was good that it did not rain tonight because in the evening we had a Pooja ceremony in the garden. Two friends of Andrea’s were also here and after the ceremony we all had dinner together on the terrace. It was a nice evening and I think everybody enjoyed it very much.

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  1. at times it is easy to say that you don’t know how a person could let themselves get as bad as the woman who is stuck in her house eating sweets, but at the same time… I have been stuck many times and kept choosing to remain stuck. There were times before when I haven’t been different than this woman at all. And hopefully, not many times or any times in the future when I will be this stuck again.

  2. I had a friend who was kind of hopeless. He was so afraid he would never have friends and that everyone would leave him, I kept my distance but I saw him keep on forming relationships and then sabatoge them. I doubt he knew he was doing it. I wonder how he is now. With that amount of self doubt and self hate he kept recycling around his head I hope he get’s free one day and finds some personal power. Underneath all his fears I’ve seen he has a lot of potential, I bet he could be a really powerful person if he was healthy. I hope he’s alright. I really do.

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