How you can finally get rid of your Negativity – 19 Sep 16


I finished yesterday’s blog with a problem for control freaks: their habit of always looking for problems! What can you do about this horrible negativity that doesn’t only hinder your steps when going anywhere but annoys you and your surroundings to a point that neither they nor you can stand yourself anymore?

Well, the answer is simple: Be positive!

I know, stupid answer – but it’s true! That is the only way and although it doesn’t sound like I am actually telling you HOW to do it, it is exactly this! You have to change your perception from negative to positive and your problem will be solved! In fact, a lot of your problems will be solved!

In daily life this means that you have to focus on what is going good. If you see something beautiful, consciously say ‘this is beautiful’. Yes, say it loudly when you like something but remain quiet if you happen to dislike something. Don’t start looking for the flaw but appreciate the beauty. Do all the other things I already recommended for relaxing: take time for yourself, go out in nature, sit in the sun for a while – and enjoy!

I know, there is a certain nervous feeling inside you that tells you to control, to see the bad so that you can fix it if nobody else is there to fix it. There we get to the point I already wrote to you about: it will not be the end of the world if you are not there to control everything and everyone! The show must go on – and it will! Even if sometimes something goes wrong, it is alright – you are not responsible for the whole world!

With this, we get back to the point where we started from: stop controlling, let go. And as the father of a four-year-old who loves stories of magic, princesses and queens names Elsa, I can say you: put on some nice music, dance a bit and sing out loud: ‘LET IT GO, LET IT GOOOO!’ 😀

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