Power of Nature – Volcanic Eruption in Iceland – 16 Apr 10


For the second time in just a few weeks, a volcano in Iceland erupted and many people had to leave their houses, partly because of the danger of the eruption and partly because the melted ice of the glaciers around the volcano which caused serious flooding. Yesterday already we got to know that the cloud of ashes that is now moving south is affecting flights and airports all over Northern Europe. Yesterday they already cancelled all flights from and to London Heathrow and other airports in Northern Europe and today also all international airports of Germany have announced that their flights have been cancelled and they don’t know how long this will last.

It is really a fascinating example of how much power nature has. Human is able to fly around the world instead of walking on his two feet, we sometimes think we outsmarted nature. But if nature wants that everybody remains where he is, that nobody can fly in jets and planes through the sky, then it has the power to make this happen. Thomas and Iris both wrote to us that they are surprised how quiet it is now without hearing any plane in the air. You get used to it but when this kind of thing happens, you realize that human is just small, no matter how high he can fly or how fast he can travel. Compared to a tree or a mountain, we just have a short life. Nature and the creation of this world are just fantastic and powerful. We are well advised to remember this.

As a consequence of this volcanic eruption in Iceland, there are now thousands of people stuck at airports, not coming to their destination. As frequent travellers, it might as well have been us, too, sitting at the airport now, waiting for news. The airline with which we usually fly to India and with which we will also fly to the US next month has cancelled all flights until tomorrow at 12 o’clock. This is the situation now and it can even take longer and I also feel with everyone who cannot go where he wanted to. So if you are in this situation, I would just advise you to make the best out of your situation. You are surely better off than people in the affected area in Iceland now. Everything always happens for the best, maybe you meet some nice people or see a beautiful town which you would not even have noticed if you had been there only for transit. Enjoy even this situation!

Picture Source: www.nachrichten.t-online.de

7 Replies to “Power of Nature – Volcanic Eruption in Iceland – 16 Apr 10”

  1. For us it is just great! Today they said in news that Frankfurt airport will be minimum closed until sunday noon. The sky over Wiesbaden is empty, only the birds are in the air. And is it so quiet…..

  2. I have always been in awe of the power of nature. Natural disasters are so tremendous in scope– it is Mother Gaia speaking up to all beings. While they are very devastating to our normal human lives, I always find them to be profound and purposeful… it is the one destruction of the planet that humans can say we had nothing to do with! Though it is tragic for the humans affected by such disasters, I think we must accept that the Earth and the Divine combine to create change for the better…. we can’t know why. We can only search for the good and the brighter days.

  3. We can see trees, oceans and the sky, we can hear thunder and birds, we can smell flowers and we can feel the rain on our skin. Nature is omnipresent and it’s an implicitness. And maybe this is the reason we use to forget about the power of nature and underestimate it!?