Cold Winter Weather in India – 9 Jan 10


These days it is very cold here. People come to India in winter because they want to escape the cold but India is so big that you can have all different kinds of climates. Some people are sitting and sweating in the sun in the south while others are freezing and shivering in the north in the snow.

The temperatures at the moment are the coldest of the last five years. I also like the cold. In the last years we have been in Germany in this time which was also nice, everything white and snowy. It doesn’t snow here, it doesn’t get that cold but the difference to the feeling in Germany is, that the houses there are heated and here we do have small heaters but the houses are just not made isolated like there. It is also not really necessary, because it only gets cold for some weeks here.

However there are also people who don’t even have the protection of four walls around them. We read in the newspaper that in this winter already more than 300 people died because of the cold. The whole day and night fires are burning and people are sitting around to warm themselves.

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