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Human Cruelty of Breeding Dogs and Pets with painful Diseases for their Ego – 4 Jul 11

Last week I have written a lot about pets and animals, how I think you should keep them and how they should not be kept. I also expressed my opinion about the general idea of having pets and said that you should not keep a pet only for your entertainment if this in any way limits the freedom of the animal or is not good for it. Humans have kept pets for their own benefit without looking much at what is good for the animal. The ego of wanting to show off with your pet has led to breeding animals in a certain way for certain characteristics.

This is one of the best examples of how human has deliberately destroyed the lives of many animals and has made them live in pain. People thought that a dog of a certain breed for example is only beautiful if he has all characteristics of that breed. In order to achieve this appearance, dog breeders have made many experiments and sold the best examples for much money. For them it is greed, for those who buy the dogs it is ego but for the dog it often means a life full of pain.

Dog breeders did not care much about whether the dogs that they put together may have been related by blood, as long as that blood was clearly and provably of one certain race or breed. In this way, by inbreeding, they created the problem: two recessive genes carrying disorders came together. This would hardly ever have been a problem if the dogs had mated out in nature with dogs of another race or family. But within their family they are all carrying those defected genes and inbreeding makes the risk of this gene turning up much higher.

That is how so many purebred dogs today have serious diseases. Breeders tried to make bulldogs and other breed look flat-faced and thus these breeds have big trouble breathing with their set-back noses. Additionally bulldogs have such big heads but narrow hips that they cannot give birth naturally. Their puppies have to be born by Caesarean section, there is no other way!

Pugs are supposed to be beautiful if they have very large, round eyes. They have bred them as much that most pugs nowadays have eyes that protrude so far that their eyelids can hardly cover them to clean them. Many of them suffer from chronic conjunctivitis which frequently leads to blindness.

German Shepherd Dogs, Labradors and other large dog breeds but also some smaller breeds often have a common problem which also started by inbreeding: hip dysplasia. In this disease the thigh bone does not properly fit into the hip and thus the dog wears off the joint when he is walking which causes pain and in the end normally cripples the dog. He cannot walk properly anymore, has arthritis, tries to balance the weakness of his hip in other ways and just leads a miserable life which often ends with being euthanized by its owners who were previously proud to have a purebred dog.

Large dogs in general, bred to be even bigger and heavier, have problems cooling down their bodies while small dogs cannot get enough heat to stay warm. Big dogs have problems with their knee joints and often have tumors in the legs, simply because of their heavy weight!

You could go on and on about immune system diseases, skin problems, blood disorders, joint problems, crippling, paralysis, impairments of sight and hearing, heart disease and cancer in all those pedigree pets. It is not only dogs, also cats, horses and other animals suffer from these problems.

The worst thing is: people still don’t care! They go to shows and competitions where the beauty of their animals is rated by exactly those attributes that make them sick! The sicker they are, the higher their value! Humans deliberately create these animals and make them ill. Isn’t human the most cruel creature on this world?

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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Marina

    I have recently read about another contest which was searching for the ugliest dog and they gave the first prize to a dog who was crippled and really horribly disfigured by a breeding mistake. There are thousands of dogs out there who are miserable because of this. Horrible.

  2. Kira

    Those dog shows are really also very ridiculous, just as the Miss World contest. The dog is not required to do anything specific, it just has to look good, that’s all. And for that the owners take out little ribbons for their hair, they dress them up and go to the hairdresser with them before… big drama

  3. Skye 'Piink' Robinson

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR so wrong 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. Olivier Thomas

    I’m not sure to understand. You mean that to “mix” different races of dogs together can lead to disease for the animal who were born from this mix ?

  5. Lucie Vaillancourt

    I know…..this makes me cry of empathy for our angel bros animal family… they are so amazing and full of unconditional love, I pray that humanity sees with the heart

  6. Skye 'Piink' Robinson

    also results in horrific deformities deafness blindness lameness, ironic considering what they are trying to achieve 🙁

  7. Swami Balendu

    Dear Oliver,No, actually mixing different races is not what the breeders do. They try to have a race as ‘clean’ as possible, only one race, purebred animals. In this effort, they also put siblings together to mate. Both of them have similar genes and if both of them are carriers of one recessive (not showing) gene that causes a disease, the child can get this disease as a dominant (showing) gene. They inbreed, mate animals of the same family and this actually causes the trouble.
    Hope this was clear enough! Much love!

  8. Deb Wing

    Cool you tell it like it is . I have always had this thing about animals being left to their own and not domesticated by us… Everyone thinks I don’t like animals because I always say ” I love animals bur I think they should be outside ntr in our houses doing what we think they should”..People say this is a cop out. ..I don’t have to own ( which you never can own anything anyway) an animal to love it and what it stands for… in fact I would say that is true love of anything to love it from afar and not to have in our possesion to fulfill our whims … not for what we can get out of it but just because it is.

  9. Emily

    It is very disturbing to force animals to mate a certain way so that we can “use” their looks for money. I don’t understand this and dislike it– especially when it causes illness and disease! It’s very wrong.
    On the other hand, I have seen many pet owners treat their dogs with enormous amounts of love and care, like they would their own child! I think these dogs are much happier than they would be living feral on the streets and treated like garbage.
    Hence, I am in favor of pet-loving, and very against pure-breeding.

  10. Gemma

    I love your blog. It is clear and concise- something that all breeders and ‘breed victims’ (as opposed to ‘fashion victims’) should read!

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