Help after the Flood in Vrindavan – 23 Aug 08


Today in the morning we received a donation from my brother Roger and from Mady. They had read yesterday’s diary and were very concerned about the situation in Vrindavan. Roger wrote: “We can’t just sit here and do nothing while people who are already poor have to live in more misery.” I also talked to Purnendu and he sent more pictures. On them you can see how people are facing problems, having water in the houses. So we wanted to give more people the possibility to help and created a new page with a paypal button for sending donations. We also sent a newsletter:

The monsoon rain is still falling in India, the water levels of the rivers are rising. On the 17th August the water level of the Yamuna, the second biggest river of India, rose above the danger level in Delhi. This has happened for the fourth time now since the danger level was set on 204.70 m. In the capital the flood is under control as the government took precautions: around 50,000 cusecs of water are released from the barrages around Delhi every day and flow down the Yamuna away from the capital – and right into the villages and towns which lie downstream.

In Delhi the situation is under control but in Vrindavan the water has entered in the city and in the houses. People are leaving their houses and their belongings and go to higher parts of the city in order not to drown. They watch their cattle drown and their goods being carried away by the floods. Due to the incessantly falling rain and the water coming from the barrages the water level is still rising.

You have the possibility to help! Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan gives help and support to the victims whose houses are filled with water and who are struggling to survive. We are distributing clothes and food. You can contribute! With your donation you can help us and the people of Vrindavan. Each Euro, each Cent can provide precious help.

Of course, when the water level drops back to normal, life will not be back to normal for those who have lost their homes. We will help in the rebuilding of homes and houses. The mud and dirt carried into the city has to be removed to prevent the spreading of bacteria and diseases. This city, the volunteer helpers and most of all the victims need help!

Your donation is very welcome. Please click here to help.

After reading this newsletter some people already sent donation and we have published them on the website to say thank you. I really thank everyone who contributes in this!

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  1. I saw this with my own eyes. If this happened in my own town (Pittsburgh, PA)we would all be rushing to donate. This also made me think that if this happened to my sister’s children (and it might one day)or my own if I had any I would not believe that no one would care. The devastation is striking to someone like me.