Janmashtami and the Rising of the Yamuna – 24 Aug 08


As you know from the last days in the diary, the Yamuna in Vrindavan is rising up and flooding parts of the city. Today I heard that it is still raining and the water level is increasing. In the Ashram they cooked lots of food today, made packages and boxes and went to the areas affected by the flood to distribute them among the people who have lost their belongings in the flood. The people grabbed what they could get, you can see this on the pictures. You can even feel that they really need it. It is very good and gives a good feeling that we can help them.

Today is Krishna’s birthday, which is called Janmashtami. It is celebrated all over the world by those who love Krishna. Lots of pilgrims come to Vrindavan to celebrate this day on his birthplace. There are rituals and celebrations in each temple, no, not only in the temples, in each house. They feel that Krishna is born in their house and celebrate it. I talked with my father, too, and we wished each other a happy Janmashtami. He was also in celebration mood and said: “Don’t worry about the situation of the flood. It is still raining but everything is okay. It is also written in the scripture: Yamuna was rising when Krishna was born. And when Yamuna touched his feet the water went back again. It will sink again from tomorrow, you will see, tonight at 12 o’clock.”

I feel very happy how Indian people cope with this kind of situation. Even in this kind of catastrophe they accept the situation and don’t panic. Here I see often, even in less critical situations, that people get stressed and panic. But today Vrindavan is in celebration mood even if the water in the streets. We also celebrated the birthday of Krishna here in Wiesbaden together with Thomas, Iris and an Indian friend.

I am very thankful to those people who helped in this time. We have also announced their names on the website. I would like to ask you again to contribute your help. Each cent or penny will be help for those who need it.

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  1. Korin Y.

    Swami Ji, I’m very glad to have been a welcomed guest in your home during the floods. It lightened my heart to be a part of the joyful relief you provided to your neighbors.

  2. Becca

    My gosh, that giant bin of chapati makes me miss the Ashram. The best and healthiest food in town! I send my love to all of you.

  3. Joseph

    Happy birthday Krishna. I know many pray to him in this time of need during the flood.

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