Another Flood Risk in Vrindavan – 23 Sep 08


Yesterday the Indian government announced that water was released again from the Delhi barrages and is flowing towards Vrindavan again. This time it is four times as much as in August when we had the last flood. People who are living near the river were advised to leave their houses and to go into a safer area. It had been raining a lot in the mountains and the water there was flowing over the dams so they had to release water from there. With this amount of water they expect more water and more damage in Vrindavan than the last time and on the houses you can even still see until where the water came in August.

Today the local city council called us because we are a NGO, a non-government organization, which does charity work. They have arranged accommodation for those who left their houses close to the Yamuna but they asked us to help providing food. They appreciated our help last time and would like to have our support with the food. We had taken off our flood page from the Internet but put it on again after this information.

This afternoon I also went to visit Keshi Ghat, a popular place just at the riverbank of the Yamuna in Vrindavan. You can see that the water level is pretty high but they are expecting the water level to rise still overnight. Many people were there to see how high the water is and how fast it is flowing now. The media, newspapers and television, are warning and reporting continuously. We will see what the situation will be tomorrow and we pray to God that the situation will not go worse. I would like to appeal to you again, as we got your support the last time, to help us again. That will be a great help in helping others! I also want to add that our Ashram is in a lot higher so we are all fine and you don’t need to worry about us. We will be busy in helping others.

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