We need Nature, so treat it well! – 12 Jul 08


Today we had a chakra workshop and I would like to tell you a little bit what I was talking about. In a chakra workshop I explain about our chakras, how you can recognize them, how you can work with them and how you can dissolve blockages in them. In the beginning however I talk about our body in general, I explain a few basic things about energy and I also talk about the elements earth, water, fire, air and space. They are in nature, in the world and also in our bodies.

I am convinced we have many of our problems because we are not close to the nature anymore. I have talked about this already a little bit in the diary. I have lived for a while in a village in which there was no electricity, in which everybody lived from what they got from the fields and where they lived very much in and with the nature. Life was natural there, not so artificial and people were more healthy.

I do not say that technical progress is bad, no, those of you who read the diary regularly know this. But we may not forget the nature. It is very important for us and by ignoring and abusing it we create problems for ourselves. We can only be happy if we live in harmony with nature. It makes us sick to be far from it. Nature is in us and if we destroy it, we harm ourselves.

You can see how many hospitals we need, how many doctors we have and need. And then have a look at those who are still close to nature. In the village that I lived in there was one doctor for everybody and for everything. Problems there are not that complicated. Take a look at animals which are living free in a forest or in wilderness. They are happy and healthy in nature, in their natural environment. Of course there also vets and even hospitals for cats and dogs but when exactly do animals need a doctor? When human interferes in their life. Pets need to be treated. When human built roads and cities and thus destroyed the natural environment of many animals, only then animals got ill and started to have diseases like humans. We need nature, trees, rivers, animals.

So please take care to be with nature, to be in harmony with it. Have a walk in the forest sometimes or sit on a river and feel the water on your feet. Feel the wind in your face. Enjoy nature and be thankful for it. With thankfulness the respect for nature will become your basic attitude and then you will never have the idea to leave your garbage somewhere in a forest or pollute a river. Being in harmony with nature can make you happy.

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  1. I smoke cigarettes. I have been smoking for 10 years and am thinking about quitting often out of guilt or fear of sickness or a desire to have full use of my lungs. When I am hiking or spelunking or canoeing, etc. I do not feel like smoking. When I am doing these things outside I feel very happy and very alive. I am aware of how my body feels. I am aware of the sights and sounds around me. It is not that I feel guilty about smoking when I am outside. I simply don’t want a cigarette because I feel the harm it does to my body. In other words it is not a challenge not to smoke; I just don’t want to. Many people struggle to quit smoking. It is a battle to be won, a problem to be solved. They may manage to quit and then start smoking again even many years later. Trying to “fight” addiction can make an addiction a very challenging problem to overcome. As we develop on our own spiritual path, as we become more conscious, addiction falls away. It always takes effort and discipline but not in the same way that we think.

  2. I’m an elementary school teacher in Flagstaff, Arizona and when my kids do something to jeopardize their safety and know is against the rules they often tell me they were following the lead of their classmate. Most of us have heard the saying “If so and so jumped off a bridge would you do it too?” When I traveled through India on a sabbatical I noticed that there was litter all over the ground. It smelled, it was poisoning the ground water and making people sick. It also attracted a lot of wild animals and if nothing else it was unsightly.
    I saw people tossing their trash on the ground or throwing it out their car window. It wasn’t easy to find a waste bin and hey, everyone was doing it.
    But knowing the harm this behavior caused I made sure to dispose of my trash properly. Who cares if everyone else is doing it.
    If it was normal to beat your wife would you do it? If it was normal to expose yourself to radiation that made your hair and teeth fall out would you do it?

  3. It is very sad to see that humans are separating themselves from nature. In turn, we are losing our way in the cosmic plan. While we used to live amongst nature, in harmony with its cycles, we have now built walls up around us, shielding us from our Mother and disconnecting us from her natural guidance.This problem is way worse in the West! Indian culture is guided by Ayurveda, which keeps a connection to the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth and the cosmos. The West has no such science, and the resulting detriment is increasing and obvious. 🙁