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Impressions of the West – First Visit to Germany – 30 Jan 11

I had taken flights frequently from one place to another in India, too, but this was the longest flight that I had taken until then. I went from Delhi via London to Hamburg and already the hour that I spent at the airport in London was full of amazing new things for me. Arriving in Hamburg, again, I was taking in my surrounding with interest and sometimes astonishment.

My friend came to pick me up, as he had promised, and as he had no car, we went by bus, train and taxi until we finally arrived in his apartment.

I spent one week there in Itzehoe and although I have surely forgotten thousands of things that were new and interesting in that time, I want to tell you some of those things that remained in my mind. Of course simply the fact of being surrounded by German people all the time and wherever you go was something new and exciting. My friend himself had been in Germany only for a few months and so he was the perfect person to take me around and show me all the wonders that amazed him in this new country.

He took me to go shopping at the supermarket and we filled the shopping cart with vegetables and things to cook with. When we left, he told me how nice it was, you could take the cart with you up to your house and bring it back later! I found this a very nice idea and we really rolled the cart down the street and across it to the apartment house, through the entry doors and into the elevator until just in front of his door. There we emptied it and he brought it back to get the coin out of the cart which was stuck in there as a token.

Somehow my friend had reached to the conclusion that one of his neighbours, a woman living alone in her flat, was doing prostitution in her flat. He told me you could see customers coming and going but apart from that she was just a normal person! Just like you and me, you see her in the morning in the elevator, you say good morning and good evening, she is just like a normal person!

One day we went on a street festival which they called wine festival. This, too, was an experience I remember well. It was the first time that I saw people drinking alcohol just so close by me. In India, it was a matter of respect for people not to drink anywhere close to me, as alcohol is socially still inacceptable and drinking is considered bad manners. Here however I saw how people went from one little tent to the other and tried wine here, there, another glass over there and really, some people got drunk from this. They started dancing to the music, singing and talking loudly and in my eyes some were definitely misbehaving.

So these all were new impressions to me but there were elements in my time in Europe which were also just as they used to be in India.

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  1. Sarajane V. Lien

    It’s so interesting seeing this experience threw your eyes. 🙂

  2. nothingprofound

    Isn’t the world wonderful! So much to see, wherever you go!

  3. Tricia

    This is why I love traveling to new countries, there is always something to shock you and stir you, get you out of your comfort zone. I love that, while st the time I might feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, it’s good for my soul and for my character…you could say that it is character building. I love that and although I never really appreciate it at the time I can always look back with fondness and think that I have grown because of the experience.

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