Story of my Life after the Cave – 2 Jan 11


With the arrival of the New Year I had the idea for a new project in my diary. Many friends had the wish to know more about who and how I was before they met me and we often talk about the changes that happened even after they met me. I thus decided to write a continuous story, telling people about my life. I divide my life into three parts: the time from my birth until I entered the cave in 1997. After that, I had my time of retreat in the cave. And the third chapter, in which I am now, is the time after the cave. This is the time in which most of the changes of my life have happened and this is the time that I would like to write to you about. I want to write many details so that you can well understand my present situation and who I am today. Maybe someday I will write about the time before the cave, too, but that is again another long story.

I do not really keep old documents or proof of time but I keep it all in my memory. Every change that I made is noted in my mind, how it took place, why I made decisions that I made and what the consequences are. Each Sunday I will now let you read about another small part of my life. Sometimes it can be the story of a day, sometimes of a week and sometimes even a process of change that came over years.

I will start from the 24th December 2000, the day when they opened the door of the cave that I have been in for three years and 108 days.

“I heard the hammer knocking against the bricks. I was sitting downstairs, where I had spent most of the time in meditation. Sitting there, I just waited and watched how slowly more and more daylight came in through the holes they had made into the wall. I still needed to wait – one brick was out, then the next one, and another one. It would take some time until the hole would be big enough for me to go out. Knowing this, I patiently stayed downstairs until at some point I heard the voice of my father calling ‘Jaisiyaram!’ I climbed up the stairs, through the hole, out into the world and was first of all simply shocked…”

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  1. I have always wondered specifically what it was like in the moments they broke down the wall. Specifically those moments. Didn’t know how to ask about it though, so I’m glad to see you are already telling the story. Thank you for this.

  2. Dear Thomas, I have idea to write a part of my life each Sunday. So I will continue this next Sunday but of course on other topics I will write daily. Love

  3. Dear Tanya, It was a magical moment. Sound of hammer was bit hard for my ears which were used to silence since more than 3 years. But I was cool in that time not very excited but Happy.

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  5. When I see this video I have to cry a little and I don’t know why. I usually read a weeks worth of entries on Sundays and I will now look forward to reading more of your story then too!

  6. How in earth did you prepare yourself for this? How did you calm yourself or am I silly in asking? Also how did you keep your sanity, what were your thoughts like and what were your ideas like during that long period of time? We’re there ever moments when you fervently wished to be let out of cave or were you content to remain there for the entire time? Oh my goodness, so many questions.