50-50 Chance to correctly predict the Gender of a Baby without Ultrasound – 22 May 11


I already told that in that time in London, in October 2001, I met many people in my friend’s home where I was staying and some of them invited me to their homes to do rituals, pooja ceremonies and preaching there, too. In this way I got to know a man and his family who wished to invite me for Navratri, a religious celebration time of nine days in which Hindus worship Goddesses. I happily accepted the invitation and so they daily picked me up at my friend’s place and dropped me there again after three or four hours.

It was a religious family and the main reason for inviting me there was a very happy one: the wife of the house was pregnant, already in the 8th month. In the time of pregnancy religious Hindu believers like to have something spiritual and some religious ceremonies going on. It brings luck, you pray for a good pregnancy and delivery and a healthy baby.

One day the grandmother-to-be came to me in a time when I was not busy with a ritual and not talking to anyone else. She told me what she had on her mind. Her son had got to know the gender of her grandchild but he didn’t want to tell her! So she came to me and asked what I thought: ‘Will it be a boy or a girl?’ You may be surprised now why she approached me with this question, how should I know that? I was seen a holy man in that time. As a religious woman, she naturally believed that I could answer this question.

I actually believed it, too! I was sure that I could tell her the gender of her unborn grandchild without any ultrasound pictures. I had studied Vedic astrology and knew a technique with which you can actually answer any kind of question by looking at the ‘horoscope’ of that question. It has something to do with the time that question was asked. That is seen as the time that the question was ‘born’. With my experience in this calculation I regularly answered such questions. I took the question, made a horoscope, looked at some further indications and then reached a conclusion according to which I gave an answer. And in this way I was sure: this baby was a boy.

The future grandmother was very happy that she knew it now, too. Of course she decided not to tell her son about it. He also had not told her what the doctor had said, why should she tell him what I had said?

One month later, when I had already moved on, I received a call from the man, who had become my friend and is still today, and he told me that his wife has given birth to a healthy son. I was of course very happy for them and once again confirmed in my calculation.

That was my life. This is what was happening. People asked me many such questions and they as well as I believed that I could answer them. Again, experience showed that it worked. Today I believe that I was lucky. It was a 50:50 chance. But I believed, they believed and it worked.

Again, I see how life changes. I accepted development in me while staying honest. I say it is not wrong to believe in someone or something as long as it is an open and honest belief. It is okay. When you get to know another truth however, when you find out that what you are doing or believing is wrong, take it out. You need to change and be ready for that change. I keep my window open so that new light can come in. I welcome it and the change it brings.

I always openly say what I believe in and what I don’t believe in. I never believed in materializations because I knew that with some simple tricks, I could do this myself, too. What is wrong is making people believe something that you yourself don’t believe in. Showing people that you can materialize things that you actually hide cleverly in hands or sleeves is wrong. Telling others honestly what you believe in is not.

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  1. Oh, there are many stories of how to tell the gender of a baby! For example this one: If the mother gets bigger to the front, it is a girl, if she gets bigger to the sides, it is a boy. :)I know you didn’t quite do it in this way but that is how we mortal, unholy people try to make our own horoscopes…
    Hug you with lots of laughter!


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