Personal Experiences make your Belief strong – 15 May 11


I mentioned that I had been doing touch healing already before my time in the cave and that I have got a lot of positive feedback. There was one experience which was very personal and which I would like to tell you about so that you maybe understand a bit better how this way of healing developed.

In one of the years before I went into the cave, maybe 1996 or 1995, my late sister Para discovered that she has a knot in her breast. She went to a doctor to have him examine it and after his examination he said that he could cut it out. That would be a relatively small operation and the best thing to do.

Of course we immediately made an appointment at the hospital in Agra. My sister was supposed to stay overnight, so we had rented a room nearby and had come with all the things necessary for such a stay in hospital.

Before the surgery however, the doctor did another examination and found that it was now not only one knot but several and spread in both breasts. The doctor looked worried and cancelled the operation right away. He said “She is still a young woman, only 18 years old, I cannot cut out that much. If it had been one, I would have removed it but now it spread. We should wait some time and if it doesn’t reduce in size or stop growing, we need to make a biopsy and find out what it really is.”

So we left the hospital, checked out of the hotel again and left Agra to go back to Vrindavan with a feeling of worry and unease. What if that was cancer? Something that could spread further and further through her body?

At home in Vrindavan there was also one of my closest disciples who had come to stay with us for some time. We told her why we had come back so quickly and she asked me why I did healing sessions with so many other people and had helped so many of them, too, but didn’t even try with my own sister. I considered this and in the evening, when my sister looked at me and said that I could try, I did.

When she went to the doctor the next time, some weeks later, he examined her and told her with a bright smile that all knots had vanished. We were all very relieved and happy about it and of course, we thought it was the power of the Mantras, the prayers, and the touch which had healed her of this. She did not have this problem afterwards anymore.

Today I can imagine that it had been some hormonal change that had made the knots disappear or any other process in the body. The prayers and mantras that I spoke may have made her more calm and relaxed and helped her overall well-being. I was however sure that it directly affected her physically, too, and so I continued reciting more and more mantras. I went into the cave, did even more mantra meditation and also used it in the healing sessions that I gave after my time in the cave, for example in London.

7 Replies to “Personal Experiences make your Belief strong – 15 May 11”

  1. Thank you for sharing this story with us! i know it must have meant a lot to you! I am really deeply touched and moved. Yes, love can heal, even if it happens without our knowledge.Lovelovelove

  2. I know how it feels like when you don’t know what exactly is in your body. When I discovered knots in my breast, the doctors straight away checked whether it could be cancer. Those three weeks waiting for the test results were the longest of my life. I wish I had had a support like you on my side then. It is not that much important whether you actually heal someone or not, it is more about the mental support in such a situation.

  3. a heart touching story…life is a magic and will response to our thoughts if we began to believe on it…this is what came across my mind after reading this post Swami Ji…

  4. Thank you Marion for your comment and personal experience. You are right waiting in this kind of situation is not nice. And if you have somebody there who can give you mental support that is great. Love

  5. That must have been a time of frustration and bewilderment as you probably wondered what it was that was ailing Para. I think it’s wonderful that the mantras were able to calm her down and the prayers sent were able to heal her so that the next time she wine to the doctors they were gone and the period of worry could pass. I’ll bet that was a wonderful time of celebration in your family.