I always wasted Energy when I didn’t trust my Feelings – 7 Jun 15


I have had a theory for a long while already and have tested it again and again. It always came out as true: trust your feelings when it comes to other people. If you feel like it won't work out with the two of you – in any kind of relationship – cut the ties. If you wait and try to make it, you will just waste your energy and finish it in the end anyway!

Let me explain you exactly what I mean. I have many times in my life met people with whom, after just a short time, I felt that we won't fit together. It is a feeling that you can get from their actions, their words, their looks and just their energy. It gives you the impression that you won't be able to be friends with that person.

Sometimes the feeling gets a bit more intensive and you even feel that you have to be careful not to get into an argument. Your opinions are just very different!

You don't see a real reason to stop communications however and also really would like to be friends, be nice and have a nice time. That's how you make it work. You ignore comments that you would normally object to.

After some time however – and that can be weeks or even months – you will reach the point where you cannot anymore keep it up. A point where you, if you want to stay yourself, honest and real, have to create a distance.

That is the point when such relationships break. And when you actually feel better afterwards. For a long time you kept it up but had to invest a lot of effort and energy into this! When it is then finally over, when it is clear that it won't go on like this, you will be relieved. Relieved that you don't have to have this energy anymore.

Maybe you will even feel some regret that you did so much effort, for such long time. Don't worry though – it is best just as it happened! You have got to know the other one and are sure now that it doesn't fit. Just next time, you can listen to your feeling a bit earlier and act quicker as well!