A wonderful Combination of Music, Yoga, Dance and Making of Love – 24 Aug 14

I have told you about the two weeks in summer 2006 during which I gave lectures at the No Mind Festival in Angsbacka, Sweden. I mentioned that the visitors of this festival really enjoyed their time, that they were easy-going and relaxed. And today I would like to add something to that: a lot of sex was had in those two weeks!

Yes, a lot of people were sleeping with each other during those two weeks of festival time. They came there to have a great time and what is the thing most people enjoy the most? Right!

No, really, I am not joking. There were new couple constellations to be seen every day, people got in touch during the day and in the evenings around the fires, they got closer and took the first steps. Often, they left together in direction of the tents. For some of them, I had the impression that this was what they had come for.

At this point I want to add something very important: when I write such lines, some of my readers will think what I describe is something bad. Some may even think it is bad that I was at such an event at all. And some may have the impression that I also think this is wrong. That I am talking bad about this festival or its visitors.

You got a very wrong impression, if you think this. When I write about people having sex, I tell about it, as I see it from my eyes. When you hear it, you hear it with your ears. I however really and honestly believe that this is very natural and beautiful!

On an event like this, you meet like-minded people, more than you could ever meet when going out in your town! After all, they came because they are interested in the same things that you are interested in! On top of that there are a lot of workshops which are all about the fact that you should accept your sexuality. I gave a lecture on ‘Sex and Freedom’ for example, there were tantra workshops and everywhere the message that you should just give in to your feelings.

So if you feel good, if you feel attracted to someone and the other one feels the same, why not enjoy a night together? If it then goes for longer, great! If not, also fine! If I had had these kind of feelings for someone at this festival, I might have done the same – and not thought anything wrong about it! I was single as well – but as a workshop leader, I had another responsibility and didn’t want to get closely involved with people I worked with either.

Before you now get the impression that this festival was all about sex, let me stop your imagination. As I described last week, there were a lot of wonderful workshops, lectures, yoga, painting, much music and beautiful dance in the surrounding of amazing nature. The possibility to be with each other, enjoy one’s time and get in touch not only with others but also with oneself. People were happy.

That’s how I remember those two weeks of the No Mind Festival as a great time. I personally got to know really many people, including some good friends with whom I am still connected today.

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