When you cannot sleep on a soft Mattress… – 30 Aug 15


Today I want to tell you a little story about habits and your body.

Yashendu’s girlfriend Eva is at the Ashram at the moment. They are currently both travelling forth and back from and to India and Germany to see each other as often as possible. After a few nights here, Yashendu had our staff exchange his mattress with the one of another room. We asked what was going on and Eva explained that the mattress was too hard for her. We happened to have a softer one as well and now she is sleeping well.

We know that some of our mattresses are harder than what people are used to in the west – but don’t worry, if you have an issue with that, we usually have another, softer, mattress somewhere as well! I personally like sleeping on a hard mattress.

Now a few days ago, an Indian guest came to the Ashram. He is actually a relative, a cousin of my grandmother. When we were children, he actually spent lots of time at our home, sometimes visiting for months. Although he is quite a bit older than me, we had a good time together.

One day, Yashendu saw that the window of his room was open – and he saw that the AC was on as well. My brother assumed that our relative was probably not aware that his window was open or maybe did not know to close the window when the AC was on, as he may not be used to air-conditioning at all. So he went to the window to close it from outside. He pressed it close and in that moment took a quick look into the room, thinking to wave or smile at our friend, if he should wonder who was closing his window.

Our friend was not where Yashendu thought he would be, on the bed. His bag was on the bed, a few of his clothes as well – but he himself, Yashendu realized, was lying in front of the bed, on the floor. Taking a nap on the hard and cold marble.

Isn’t it amazing what habit does to your body? If you are used to sleeping on soft mattresses, you will have trouble sleeping on hard ones. If you are used to sleeping on the floor or a wooden board that serves as a bed, you won’t be comfortable on a mattress – even if it is a rather hard one!

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