Ramona’s first Birthday as a Restaurant Owner – 20 Mar 16

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Yesterday was Saturday and thus the day on which I always give you a recipe. Had it been any other day, I would have told you about an event on the 19th March which I have been celebrating since the year 2007: the birth of my wife Ramona. It was her birthday yesterday and at the same time, it was the beginning of the Holi celebration in Vrindavan!

Our friends and also those readers who have loyally followed all the important days in our year through the years know what this would normally mean: a big party with great food, music and lots of colour, letting us dance until late night!

Well, this time it was a bit different! The reason? Our restaurant, of course! Having opened only this month, we are still very busy and love spending our evenings at Ammaji’s serving, talking to guests and helping our team. We didn’t want to miss that for our private party but at the same time, we did not want to miss our party either. So we simply went ahead and changed the timing a bit: Ramona got an afternoon party this year!

After opening the restaurant in the morning and serving our restaurant guests lunch, we all got together with our kids, our staff members and Ashram guests for Ramona to cut her cake. Obviously, Apra helped her with it and we all shared. The rest of the cake was carried towards the gate into the restaurant, so that the staff there, too, could enjoy it and thus join the fun!

We shifted out to the porch, where we were greeted by a rain of flower petals from the balcony! It was beautiful and of course not only the kids started picking up the flowers to throw them at each other! Soon after, coloured powder was added and after just a short while, we all were covered in red, orange, green, yellow and pink colour!

As it was the first day of Holi, however, we did not overdo it and after two or three hours of fun, we all went to take a shower – so that we could go back to the restaurant afterwards and enjoy the evening there!

It was a beautiful day and a very special birthday for Ramona as well: the first one as the proud owner of a restaurant!

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