Fun with Apra in our second Home Germany – 15 Nov 15


So today you will get the first report from our Germany tour! We have reached well and have already had a few adventures in our second home country!

First of all, our journey: it was again a wonderfully smooth travel experience. We had started early, not wanting to get stuck in traffic jams in Delhi. We got through nicely though and thus had lots of time at the airport. We could use it not only for a great breakfast which we had brought from the Ashram but also to show Apra a lot of new things. She was fascinated by the vending machines, enjoyed sitting at the glass window and looking at the planes and walking and rolling front and back on the rolling floor stripes!

She didn’t have time to get bored with all that because it was then time to board the plane. Oh, what a fun Apra had! She was so excited to see everything, to get to know how things work, to look out the window, buckle and unbuckle her seat belt, open and close the table, switch on and off the entertainment system and so on! Finally, after she had tasted her way through the plane food, she fell asleep and spent a good part of the flight sleeping!

Due to the time difference, we were all quite tired when we arrived in the evening in Germany and of course it was cold for us as well! But it felt great to be back in Germany again! I just love the silence outside, I love smelling the air which is so different and I love the green and open space everywhere! And of course, we all love our friends, Thomas and Iris for example whose house is our base in Germany where we are right now, enjoying time together!

Yesterday, after a wonderful morning with a long German breakfast, we all went together to visit another lovely friend, Melanie, who has also already visited us in India. Two years ago, when Apra was in Germany the first time, we also visited her and Apra could ride on one of her two horses! Now she is quite a bit bigger, the horses are the same but she experiences it in such a different way, it was beautiful to see! You can imagine how much fun it was for Apra to pet the horses, help clean them and then ride on them!

This morning, an old school friend of Ramona’s came by with her boyfriend and after another nice breakfast we went to the playground in the park and took a nice stroll afterwards.

That’s when we noticed that Apra is also affected by the jetlag! We all were up quite early and she was very tired in midday, so she simply fell asleep, although she had not taken a nap in midday for months!

This nap helped her to be fit in the afternoon again when more friends came! Pavan, the owner of a vegetarian Indian restaurant in Wiesbaden, came with his German wife and his children. In that time, Apra was soon very fit and even showed some of her dances!

I think you can already hear it, we are having a wonderful time! Tomorrow we will go to town and then to Peter and Heike’s home, then on Tuesday we will visit Thomas’ former Kindergarten for more fun with Apra!