A week at the Hospital – 13 Mar 16

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This whole week was a ‘hospital week’ for me! Ramona, Apra and I have lived in Gurgaon for the past week and only came back to Vrindavan yesterday evening.

I actually already started daily trips to Gurgaon the week before the past one, as Purnendu and I went with my father to the hospital there to admit him: he was due for knee replacement surgery! For years already, we had known that it would have to be done one day, as he started having occasional pain. This pain had increased over the past months however and had got so bad that it was necessary to replace both of his knees.

Obviously, the timing was less than perfect with our restaurant having just opened but sometimes things just work this way!

As Purnendu had a journey booked with two of our Ashram guests towards Varanasi, Ramona, Apra and I took over the care for Babbaji and settled in Gurgaon for the past week. While Pawan stayed overnight at the hospital with Babbaji, we slept at a hotel and spent most of the day at the hospital.

As Delhi is close however, I naturally also took trips there, whenever time allowed it, to do shopping for the restaurant, sending the car back home filled with lots of stuff for Ammaji’s! And obviously Ramona and I now go to restaurants with a fully different view: we look at their interior, their menus, prices and food presentation, constantly thinking whether there is something that could inspire us for our place!

While we were already at the hospital, we called our second patient to join us: Monika came together with her mother. She, too, had her surgery – but more about that tomorrow! Today just this much: all went well and she is in the guest house now, recovering.

Now, my father is back home, we have returned as well and I am happy that these two surgeries are done. And you cannot imagine how much I am looking forward to one thing: to receive and serve guests at Ammaji’s!

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