Good Service makes a good Product even better! – 28 Feb 16

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I already told you that Ramona’s school friend was visiting us at the Ashram with her boyfriend and that we would show them around. We did – including last weekend in Jaipur, the beautiful capital of Rajasthan. We saw the sights, did cloth and souvenir shopping to the heart’s content and had some great food as well. One of the best meals was at a place that I had wanted to test when in Jaipur: an organic café.

It was really a café, not a restaurant, so when we reached there shortly past seven, they already told us that we only had about one hour before they would close. We wanted to taste their food however and answered that it would be enough time for us to eat!

All this place’s dishes were standing ready in their display: there were salads and small pizzas, some noodle dishes and bread with dips. We looked through the items and each selected something different, so that we finally had a good mixture of items on the table.

Looking at the food, I had mixed feelings. Anyway, I had known that they didn’t cook Indian food but I was really unsure whether I would like the taste. Additionally, the waiters were not the most friendly I had ever met. On the tables, too, there were strange signs which told you to please share tables with people waiting and to please leave once you were done eating… how welcoming!

But: even shortly before closing time, there were several people in there for food and once the food arrived, I was convinced!

It was really great food! You could taste the freshness and we indulged in a truly wonderful taste!

Obviously, one reason for us to go was because we are planning to open Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant with options for organic food soon as well! We wanted to see how others give out organic food and maybe get some ideas for ourselves.

For us, this visit confirmed that we are having a great idea that will work – and we will even provide good service, which this place didn’t, making the experience beautiful for every person who comes to eat here! Yes, we will not start switching off lights and practically being rude to those who are eating in our restaurant, as it happened there – and about the food, I don’t really worry!

Full of ideas, enthusiasm and energy for starting soon we have returned – and I am sure soon I will be able to give you the good news of our opening!

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